what to give a new soldier?

A young man that goes to the same MA school as I do will be joining the Army soon. Good kid, and not too bad of a grappler, although this old dog can handle him pretty well. ;-) Anyways, I was thinking of taking up a collection to get him a little gift before he goes, and was wondering what a good/appropriate gift would be? He was mentioning that he would like to get himself a .45, perhaps a gift certificate to Cabela's or something?


Here's a list I provide parents who often ask:

Interchangeable sun glasses all the guys in Iraq are buying; a nice Spyderco or Gerber knife, a camel back system, a Casio G-Shock Watch, a personal civilian GPS, a short wave radio, a MP 3 player, a CD player with anti-vibration features, GameBoy Advanced Color........

If you get him a .45, he won't be able to bring it to training and will have to keep it in the arms room when he gets to his unit. We use Barretta 9mm anyway. The certificate to Cabela's is a good idea also.

Major Bob

hey d-hunter I'll take the .45 though:)

Thanks for the ideas Major, we'll have to see what kind of $$$ we come up with. I like the knife idea, the young man in question has been training in Eskrima for the past several months, and I could get some input from the Guro about knives.

I think the .45 subject came up because he isn't too thrilled with the idea of a 9mm. Is there a level where you can carry your own sidearm?

The gerber and GPS are excellent suggestions.

I discussed this with our Eskrima Guro and a few other students, and we definitely will be getting him a knife. I assume a folding clip knife is the most popular? What length of blade is permissable/desirable?

A gerber is a multi-tool that is very useful in the military, it contains a knife also.

sorry, he's going to have to earn his own beer. it builds character, and that's what will separate him from frat boys, etc.


Base regulations for carrying a knife in garrison is folding blade 3 inches and straight blade 7 inches.

In the field, anything goes, however, big knives in garrision have to be kept in the arms room.

I like the spyderco....not sure the model.

By the way, no POW (personally owned weapons) are authorized to carry during training or combat...hence the .45 is a no go.

Major Bob


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if you want to get him a folding knife, I carry an M16-14z by CRKT. it's blade is 3.12 inches and it is an awesome knife. YOu can get em on ebay for 35 dollars all day long.


camelback, leatherman, a good knife, or a nice pair of Altama Ripple Sole boots. those things are the shit, but kinda expensive.