What tpye of Flexibilty training do you do ?

What do you do for flexibility ?
Yoga , Pilate's , your own program ?

I'm really working on my hamstrings and sciatic nerve right now .

I don't do any type of flexibility training, instead I try to make sure that I'm always using a full range of motion for every exercise I perform, and that's seemingly enough for me.

Warmup with Magnificent Mobility & cool down with Gracie Stretch Routine (Static Stretches) from Superfit

I do Pavel's superjoints in the mornings, without pushing anything. I have a few positions that I consider baseline-flexibility, and I often finish my strength, and BJJ-sessions with remaining in them for a little while. They are

Standing with feet together, straight knees, palms on the floor

Butterfly-stretch with both knees on ground

Lotus-position, lying down on my back, and on my stomach

Both feet behind head

Grabbing hands together behind back (over/under)

As long as I can take them all without pain I don't bother with additional stretching or increasing flexibility further.

I don't think I can do ANY of androushka's described positions.

I used to be tight as a drum, and sore after every workout.
Now my overall dynamic flexibility is far better, and I rarely get DOMS regardless of workout intensity.

Here are my top resources:
(1) RMAX Intu-Flow - the best full-body mobility program

(2) Prasara yoga - flexibility, mobility, balance, strength

(3) Active Isolated Stretching - awesome for targeting specific muscles

Info and links on these: www.CSTMinnesota.com

Though I no longer use them much, I also give respect to:

* Super Joints by Pavel Tsatsouline (www.dragondoor.com)
* Scientific Stretching by Thomas Kurz (www.stadion.com)
* Stretching & Flexibility by Kit Laughlin (PNF stretching)
* Overcome Neck & Back Pain by Kit Laughlin (PNF stretching)

Too many others to mention, so will stop now. Those will get you started!

Jason Erickson

For the people recommending both Sonnon and Kurz:

Aren't they on opposite ends of the spectrum. Doesn't Sonnon specifically speak about about holding static stretches for long periods of time ?

I'm trying to learn the Olympic lifts and dabble with Yoga.

FingerorMoon - For the people recommending both Sonnon and Kurz:

Aren't they on opposite ends of the spectrum. Doesn't Sonnon specifically speak about about holding static stretches for long periods of time ?

I don't consider them to be on opposite ends of a spectrum.

Sonnon maintains that dynamic mobility training is more effective for restoring and maintaining range of motion than passive static stretching. His active mobility training includes the practice of static positions to develop strength, balance, and control to facilitate improved movement efficiency.

Kurz teaches that there is a range of stretching methods, both active and passive. While he includes passive stretching in his material, he seems to place more emphasis on active stretching methods, including isometric holds and PNF-style stretches. Kurz also notes that flexibility is speed and activity-specific, and advocates various means of developing extreme-ROM strength as a fundamental prerequisite to extreme flexibility.

I think Kurz's and Sonnon's approaches are reasonably compatible in principle. But the details... two completely different worlds.

Jason Erickson

self myofacial release with a roller and a tennis ball. Some bits and pieces from Kurz, some other bits and pieces from various Yoga DVDs and a few things I have picked up from different trainers I have worked with.

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My own! I do a quick warm up to get the blood flowing, then about 5 minutes of dynamic/active flexibility, self myofacial release, and 15 - 20 minutes of static stretching.

Daily yoga practice, plus additional stretching after training.

Hey Jason!

I remember you teaching me PNF stretching many years ago. I always appreciated you taking the time to work with me on that. I need to start doing that again...