What true story MMA based movie would you want to see?

Rafiel Torre story?

Lee Murray?

Life of Ken Shamrock?


Dillashaw vs team alpha male

The midget from willow would play faber
Macaulay culkin would play tj


The Smashing Machine


A Cameroonian boy who came up from poverty and crossed the Sahara desert to become the world heavyweight champion.


Someone could make just about any MMA story an epic. The Wrestler is better than probably any MMA film and the concept around that story is pretty depressing


A story focused on Sakuraba would be pretty cool.

I was thinking about a story focused on the old school Chute Boxe but that would probably work better as a part of the Sakuraba story.

The arc is great. Initially there is the Gracie Killer story line which draws in all the lore of the Gracie family. Then there is the dismantling by Vanderlei which brings in the Chute Boxe story line.

But the central element is the enigma that is Sakuraba, the chain-smoking, pro-wrestling fearless hero.


Lee Murray, Ken Shamrock, Rickson

Lee Murray by a mile


Leigh remedios. Dudes told me loads of cool stories

Brian stann or tim Kennedy.

I like war movies.


One where a guy goes from a terrorist cell in the sand to the heights of mma!

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Pride FC epic

Ken and Frank Shamrock probably have the most movie worthy story + big enough name to attract interest.

Maybe too similar to Warrior (without the fight) though.

Everyone sleeping on Mr International, Shonie Carter.

If I were to watch a 2 hr long life story sort of movie, I think I’d prefer someone like Hendo, Vitor or even Fedor. Fedor could be particularly interesting because I know nothing of the life or customs of the average Russian.

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A documentary on every time a fighter has shit his or herself in the cage


  • would this be from the point of his family or the people that he said that he would crush but then never competed against theme

The answer is 1990’s Dutch mma/Kickboxing scene

  • Murder and drug dealing so prevalent that even todays former stars are afraid to talk about it

Fuck yeah. I was trying to think of something like this, but MMA… but all I could come up with was “well a lot of these guys fight pitbulls and cook meth”… there aren’t any kingpin figures that I can think of.

But Mike’s Gym alone… that could be good. The Badr Hari story, if I’m filling in the blanks myself, probably has some fucking wild shit. That guy basically disappeared from the scene for the better part of 10 years.

For anyone that hasn’t seen it… documentary about Golden Glory and Dutch kickboxing a bit more in general…

For the uninitiated…