What TV series had best final episode?

What TV series had the best final episode in the sense of wrapping things up but also being meaningful and/or unique? My top 2 choices in completely different genres are Breaking Bad and Californication.

It would be interesting to think about what shows didn't meet these criteria, i.e. the worst endings. I never made it to the final episode but I heard the last episode of Sopranos and X-Files never wrapping things up were highly disappointing.

Breaking Bad

The Prisoner

Californication and chuck and I don't expect many people to agree with me on chuck, but I liked the ending a lot. Phone Post 3.0

Six Feet Under and it's not even close

TNG 'All Good Things'

sopran... Phone Post 3.0


Breaking Bad Phone Post 3.0

Scrubs, The UK Office special, Bottom, Breaking Bad Phone Post 3.0

Newhart,St elsewhere

Cops Phone Post 3.0

House had a great ending Phone Post 3.0

The wire imo, breaking bad was a little too neatly done in terms of tying up loose ends Phone Post 3.0

Cheers Phone Post 3.0

Breaking Bad, Spartacus was epic, Cheers, and Sons of Anarchy.

Kidding about 1 of those. Phone Post 3.0

Wonder Years

Angel Phone Post 3.0

Six Feet Under Phone Post 3.0

Spartacus!!! Phone Post 3.0