What u guys think of Frank Shamrock's commentary?

 Taking nothing away from his credentials as a fighter at all.

He is a legend and pioneer of the sport we all know that.

But there seems to be a few times where he zones off.

One point especially last night when Mauro asked him if Fedor should move to 205 just after the loss, and Frank was completely zoned off in his own little world, Mauro asked again, Frank hardly recognised the question and it made for a real awkward moment before Mauro had to take over again.

Not sure if Frank is the way to go if they want to continue to grow.

I think Pat Miletich is highly insightful and does a good job, perhaps they should use Pat more I dunno.

He kept giggling in the Arlovski fight and would exclaim only after 3 or more giggles/stutters.

His commentary is fucking atrocious.

I think he does a pretty good job.

he does a great job except for those fken braces

Mauro was decent frank was atrocious. He kept repeating "fedor can do anything he wants he's fedor" as fedor was getting his ass handed to him Phone Post

 He's good enough. It's kind of the in thing here to bash the Strikeforce crew.

T Bag -  He's good enough. It's kind of the in thing here to bash the Strikeforce crew.

 I agree in some ways, but I'm not a basher of either company, I just enjoy MMA. But my personal opinion is that Frank sometimes loses his way.

ajsr - His commentary is fucking atrocious.

Couldn't agree more not a fan of Gus Johnson either.

I like both.. the only thing dislike is Gus Johnson.... good god.

I think he does a very good job. Oftentimes very insightful.

frank does just fine. rather hear him than goldy

Jobe Watson the Bomber -  He is a pioneer of the sport we all know that.

Fixed your sentence

ranier wolfcastle - frank does just fine. rather hear him than goldy


Well look I guess it all comes down to opinion but i think Goldy does a good job of promoting and so forth. I think sometimes Frank forgets he is on air.

I enjoyed the fights quite a bit but the commentary was mediocre at best.

I think they need to really find 3 people that gel well on air. That's the main thing they need to do, find a decent mix.

You may not like Rogan and Goldy but they gel really well together and that's the difference.

officedrone23 -  Gus looked like his lips gelled well with Barney's dick. Phone Post

 HAHAHA, indeed.

Probably not the right type of gelling SF needs though.

 Mauro and Bas would be great.

Not a fan of Shamrock but he's ok. Gus Johnson can get the %$#@ out as far as I am concerned. 

He sucks. Miletich is much better

 I enjoy Frank Trigg's work quite a bit.  Not a big Trigg fan outside of his commentary but I think he does a really good job.