What u think bout HendoVSOrtiz?

Tell me what u think of this match-up, since Hendo usually fights guys well over his weight in Pride?

I was just curious bout this match-up?

I think if Ninja can take down Hendo from the clinch, Tito will have no problem. Hendo could KO big head Tito, though.

Good fight, I'll go with Tito by JD.

Hendo by mauling. Not even close.

I would really like to see that


Henderson would control this fight.

Would be a good fight I think, Hendo would give up size but he is one of the toughest guys in MMA.

Randy Jr. would squash Frito into ketchup.

i'd pick tito

Hendo in the exact same manner as Randy.

I felt that Dan Henderson would give Tito all he could handle even BEFORE Tito's losses to Couture & Liddell.
Just watch Hendo vs Mino and you'll know the score.

Hendo is tough, but I can't see him overpowering Tito
and Tito is a better puncher

I too think Hendo would beat Tito. He's more than held his own against Silva and Mino. It'd be a good fight.

I'd like to see Hendo v. BJ Penn. Now that's an interesting matchup.

Hendo by beating then he fights the silverback for fun.

it would be a war, hendo does have the power to ko tito

Tito will only fight him at 220.

Who has Henderson "controlled" at LHW? He spent 90% of the fights with Ninja, Silva, and Arona on his back, and Silva and Ninja at least are nowhere near as good as Tito at takedowns and controlling opponents.

Dan's performance against Nogueira isn't a good indicator. Nog routinely gives up position and control to go for subs. Tito just holds you down and throws elbows until the bell rings or you're cut too badly to continue.

Hendo has all the wrestling Randy has...plus the KO power.

He'd do the same thing Randy did to Tito...only he'd finish him KO/TKO.

gotta go with hendo!

I say, Dan Henderson would annihilate Tito Ortiz old boy!