What UFC Fighters were on show blind date?

I remember hearing about this years ago but never watched them. I just saw Tim Sylvia's blind date which didn't go well.

Who else had one? I've got some time to kill.

Ricco Rodriguez

 Tiki & Josh Thomson.

Pete spratt Phone Post

yeah ricco was on there, i think tiki and pete spratt also

beat me to it

Wes Sims Phone Post

 Tim Sylvia.  I can't believe he hasn't been mentioned yet.  His arm was still in a cast thanks to Frank Mir.

 Tim was mentioned in the first post & he wasn`t wearing a cast on the show.

Says Blind Date field segment producer John Pepper, a longtime mixed martial arts fan and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu brown belt under Marcus Vinicius, "I thought if we could get some of their [the UFC's] bigger names, it would be a chance to introduce them to people who may not know them and to also put them in a position where people could really get a kick out of seeing these guys who are really tough and just animals in the cage in an environment we've all been in, which is on a date."

Wes Sims
According to Pepper, none of the five lucky ladies selected knew they would be matched up with an Ultimate fighter, while each athlete was left to his own devices to reveal his unique occupation. The fighters were also challenged to get each of their respective dates into a skimpy UFC top with matching thongs somewhere along the way, of which Pepper remarks the men performed commendably. "All the guys were very good on camera," he explains, "very loose and open and had a good time with it, but Wes was exceptionally funny. 6'10", 270-pound Wes decided to take it upon himself to kinda outshine the other guys. He actually met his date for the first time wearing the pink UFC baby doll tank top that he was obviously busting out of because it was size 0." Although Sims opted not to don the matching thongs, Pepper admits his date was not enthused. "I know that Wes had the most fireworks of any of the dates. There was no love lost at the end of their date, that's for sure."

I heard some of nick diaz's earlier problems with the ufc stemmed from them asking him to be on and him sayin no way ( go figure) Phone Post


My friend was on that show. He is not a fighter but his episode was hilarious. Is there any way to search for the contestants names and which show they were on. Tried looking around on google but found nothing.

 i once saw vernon white on the 5th wheel