What video games are you guys playing right now?

The jet in Microsoft Flight Simulator is badass. Just ripping around the US at 700 mph haha. It’s insane. Flew through Egypt, the pyramids and stuff. Insanely cool game.

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My new Dark Star vs my F-18 Hornet haha Dark Star goes 6100mph

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Even cheaper now

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Got the Pelican from Halo also. Game is too fucking awesome. I’ll be flying in space soon.

This flight simulator game is pretty much real time. I’ve flown tons of Alaska, New York (seen statue liberty, Central Park, MSG, WTC, Empire, followed the Hudson for hours), Egypt (pyramids), Grand Canyon to Arizona was going to Texas and got lost and ended up in Mexico. This game kills serious time. All of this shit is the equivalent of being in a real plane. The daylight and weather matches the conditions of where you’re at also. Flying in the dark is hard as shit.

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What are you playing it on? I still don’t have a PS5 or Series X but did see that the Flight Simulator was playable on XBOX One. I tried it for a second and felt like it was a bit much for it and probably should wait until I get an upgraded system.

@TheSpookedKabuki If you ever get into the military jets, this is a super fun challenge.
Dont worry if/when you crash. It took me months of constant practice to get to the point I’m at now.

First 2 minutes breaks down the route.

I suggest creating your own altitude goals.


I’m playing Final Fantasy 7 on my PS1 Mini. I’m at the part where Cloud dresses up as a girl to sneak into the guy’s mansion.

I’ve been playing it off and on today. I’m trying to play it but I’ve had a massive headache all day today.

Tomorrow I’ll get on it good.

I don’t think I beat the Ruby or Emerald Weapon monsters when I beat the game like 20 years ago. Maybe I beat one of those guys. I remember getting my ass kicked by one or both of them.

I’m going to try to beat them this time around.


Ruby is the one who knocks out all but one character to start the fight. Just have the other 2 knocked out and use Cloud.

The most idiot proof way I know how to beat emerald is to have final attack phoenix on everyone and load every loose materia slot in the party with counter attack materia.

Obviously, they should have all their best gear.

Of course if you breed gold chocobos before this you can get knights of the round and use that on emerald. Ruby will nuke you if you use it on him I think.

Darkstalkers series
Puzzle fighter
Red earth(first time released in states)
Another sf2 iteration. Grand master version
Much more


While not a “new game” per se, I think I’m going to learn a new character in SF2 and this is a pretty big deal. I’ve only used Ryu and Sagat for over a decade and I play the game regularly. Taking on a new character will be a change. I’m thinking Guile or Chun Li.

Zangief is really cool but I think he’d be really tough to learn. Plus, he absolutely fails against some characters, though he’s good against Ryu and Ken and everyone and their dog uses Ryu/Ken, so he would be fun to be good with.

Dark Souls 3

Fuckin aye I die a lot

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F zangief and dhalsim. Always hated using them. Zangief is at least satisfying when pulling off the spd

I think Zangief is highly appealing. Not only the SPD, but just walking Ken/Ryu down and doing lariats through their fireballs. You can put pressure on them and make them anxious. Zangief takes away a lot of Ken/Ryu’s fireball games, which players are so used to relying on, and he always carries the threat of major damage at any moment. He brings a cool dynamic.

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I never played streets of rage 4. Maybe I’ll get that instead of turtles.

I loved double dragon way back in the day on NES. I put a lot of time into that game when I was a kid.

Is streets of rage 4 on switch? Seems like a beat ‘em up like that would be great on switch.

Double Dragon was awesome. When we were on the older end for Chuck E Cheese we were all about playing DD there. Amazing game for its time.


Yes its awesome and runs great

I want a re-release of Street Fighter 2 HD Remix. It’s literally the only reason I ever turn my ps3 on and not have it tucked in a box in the closet.

Whoa this looks dope, I used to play Gradius and Life Force, this looks like if you crossed Defender with those games. Fucking bad ass.

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