What video games are you guys playing right now?

I played a bunch of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit on PS1 Mini. This game cheats just as much on PS1 as it does on PS4.

I was actually surprised at how good the controls are on this game though and the graphics aren’t that bad. The screen moves fast for a PS1 racing game.

Need for Speed is the most unfair bullshit racing games I’ve ever played though. I still prefer these over Grand Turismo and Forza.

The only game that I’ve ever gotten screaming angry about is Need For Speed Underground. That was the first and last racing game that I’ll ever play.

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My favorite racing game of all times is Need for Speed Underground. I had it on GameCube. I beat everything in that game 100% to the max even though the game cheats.

Your opponents will try to wreck you. Traffic cars will appear infront of you on turns. You can never really build up a lead against the computer. You fuck up 1 time barely and the opponents fly right by you at warp speed and you spend the rest of the race trying to catch up to those MFers.

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Diddy Kong racing or STFU. Maybe some Gran Turismo 3… which they did have that I didn’t buy, and probably will. Not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but he said someone just dropped off a ton of PS2 games in good condition… and it was only a fraction of his collection, he’s still debating if he wants to part with more of it or not. There’s still games there I want. Castlevania sotn… there was a a Megan man one that looked cool.

Pretty much exactly how I remember them too. Basically steal a banshee, find a machine gun, then go on a killing spree till the cops kill you. Then you’re over it.

I’m not even sure what they changed between 1 and 2 even. Think that’s a part of why the leap they made with 3 was so crazy. Completely unexpected.

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Just bought a Nintendo DS to keep me busy until I get the PS2 fixed…it might actually be the TV and not the playstation. Still trouble shooting there.

Got Smackdown 2008 and Lego Star wars 1, 2 for the DS, and NFL blitz 2003 for Gameboy advance.

Chances are you will have to ebay or emulate for a bunch of games. Now of course I wouldn’t just leave you with those options. There is a 3rd option since you have original hardware. You can mod. There are a couple of those options open to you as well.

What a lot of people are doing now so they don’t damage physical discs is replacing the hard drive with a modded one which you can play games from. So the games would be preloaded and you would just select the one you wanted to play and it would play it from the hard drive.

The other thing you can do is jail break your PS2
How To Burn PS2 Games & Play Them! (No Modchip) - YouTube(The second half of the video)

Then you can take games you download, burn them to a disc and play them on your PS2. You would have the luxury of physical media but it’s not the original disc.

The last option which imo is the worst option in 2022 is a modchip. You can fuck up your PS2. Not a good choice considering the first four options.

Of course you can just go to ebay and buy the fucking game for under $10. But I like complicated solutions.

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A guy who runs in my iRacing league invited me to try his league. They run all sorts of sims (mine runs iRacing). Anyway, he sent me a link to cdkeys.com. I was able to get RFactor 2, Asseto Corsa Competizone, Automobilista 2, and Goat Simulator, for like $25.

So if anyone is looking for cheap games, go browse what they have. All titles I bought were Steam keys. You buy on CDkeys.com, put the key they give you into Steam, and BAM, you have your game. For example, Automobilista was $35 on Steam, it was $11 on CDKeys. I bought Goat Simulator because it was like $1.49 and will crack my son up. There were tons of games on there, I just happened to buy a bunch of racing sims because that is my thing.

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Don’t forget to beat the hooker and get your money back…

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In. Need a game to get excited about.

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Type of genre you like and what systems are you working with?

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Duh. It’s the only way I know to live my life.

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My haul over the past week.


Xbox one, PS4

RPG, strategy, shooters, sports sim. Whatever the GTA & Red dead series are considered. Open World/sandbox games. little bit of everything really.

Loved the fallout & mass effect series, OOTP, KOTOR, Arkham games.

Gears of war was my all time favorite multiplayer.

Off the top of my head.


Would love a shadowrun remake!

I know im just a bear but im totally on a game kick lately and playing a lot of different stuff. Found a cozy cabin. Been kicking back lately with the holidays and torpor.

Gunbird 2 - shmup shooting game
Blasphemous - a metroidvania
Star ocean first departure - old school jrpg
Trials of mana remake - old school action rpg
Guilty gear strive - fighting game

I want to get dariusburst another shmup

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20 hours into Red Dead 2 and I’m basically the only person in the camp doing any work. So realistic.


How are you going with the game bro, enjoying it?

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Try Rust. You will love to hate it. You will find yourself online torturing some 12 year old at 3 am begging for his stuff back or to let him out of your base he broke into. No story line to get into it’s just a survival game where you start with a torch and a rock and build up to having guns and rocket launchers. You build bases up and what not and people try to raid them and vice versa.