What was Mayhem on during that interview?

Alcohol, weed, coke, Prozac, ice, nothing?

A cocktail? Phone Post

Nothing, playing a character and going overboard. Phone Post

Even when Ariel chased him down the road and it was just the two of them. He was still in character then?

Bullshit. He was off his dial. Phone Post

I mean, why would he travel all the way from California to not stay in character through the whole interview. Bottom line is, he obviously is proving that he doesn't care about his public image anymore. Whether it be drugs or a legitimate mental illness, he's truly given up. Which sucks because I would have loved to see Jason give his previous UFC run a bit more dedication, then he possibly wouldn't be In the situation he's in now. Phone Post

Full retard.

Bath Salts

I just watched it. It is obvious that he was doing the interview as his movie character, Lucky Patrick Murphy. Awful attempt at a Boston accent. Phone Post

Bodhidharma - Alcohol, weed, coke, Prozac, ice, nothing?

A cocktail? Phone Post

All of the above Phone Post

Dunno what he was on, but it was quite awkward. Could've been a very poor attempt at being in character, could've been on something, you never know. Phone Post

He's not on anything he's just trying to act whacked to cover up his pathetic UFC showings.... He'd be much better off training harder and improving . Now he's going to go down for real! Phone Post

Considering he's even changed his twitter name to Lucky Patrick and has been "in charector" there, I tend to think it's more that - had he told Ariel that was his plan, maybe been introduced as "Lucky Patrick" instead of Mayhem...well, it still doesn't entirely make sense, but at least its closer! Phone Post

His name is "Mayhem" - does he really need an excuse? Phone Post


He was drinkin fahken Heineken, obviously.