What was Scott Smith saying?

After he tapped out, what was Scott Smith yelling at David Tarrell about? He was also yelling at the ref. What's up? He clearly tapped, so I hope he wasn't saying that he didn't.

He was saying, "Hey, you motioned (or said) for us to break but then you let Terrell continue to attack me... resulting in my loss." Just a guess.

P.S. You might want to add in some obscenities for added interest.

If you watch last few seconds of the fight you can see the ref say something and then start to move in and seperate them and then moved away. This was the truning point in the fight. Scott obeyed the refs commands and stopped fighting. Dave kept fighting and got position which won the fight fo him. It was for me, the worst reffing in UFC ever.

Thats BS, what ref was it?

Lopez or something.

Ok cool. Thanks guys.

What do you mean? You're being too subtle.

...without vaseline; anally!

I was at the fight and when I saw that ref I was worried because I'd never seen the guy before.