What was the best comp ever?

Given the good wraps re the recent no-gi competition, what are some of your favourite competition memories?

For me, some of the Uni Games Judo competitions really stood out:

* '93 in Brisbane: thinking I had my opponent licked in the final only to be suddenly thrown off the mat into the stands for an ippon. The crowd was insane, they couldn't even fit everyone into the huge hall they were using.

* '99 in Perth: whilst representing Monash Uni fighting (and beating) my younger brother, then fighting and beating the guy who beat (and hurt) my brother - a real revenge fight - which included stacking him into the ref's table.

To Gi or not to Gi.

Probably the first 'open' event, number 4#.

Had competitors from ALL the major BJJ organisations, some Wrestlers and Judo guys too.

Rick Williams (visiting Machado BJJ Black Belt), Sam Greco (who also competed), Richard Norton and Cris Brown in attendance.

46 competitors, making it the biggest attended Submission Grappling event in Australia, at the time.

Lots of great prizes including Globe Shoes and Ecko clothing. Lots of food and drink. Awesome atmosphere.

Can't remember who won (I remember losing to Brendon Merritt), think it might have been Travers Grubb vs George Sotiropoulos in the Absolute final???

BIG day at the Hangar. A highlight in my MA scrapbook!!!



Hey Dutch who was that you stacked into the ref's table? Jeb?. I think I remeber seeing a tape of that match did you have blond hair?

2GON2G was a great comp... some real passion out there on the mat that day.

Normal: yeah I would have had blond hair at the time. I fought Jeb twice during that competition and both times he beat me on an armbar, so it wasn't him I stacked... it's likely there was more than one stacking that day, it was crazy! I never did beat Jeb at a competition, it's a shame he pretty much gave away Judo after than competition (to concerntrate on his career) and while I knew he did BJJ for a while at Club Mac I don't think he took it seriously/kept it up. I ran into him at a Sydney Uni Sports Awards night a few years back and we had a good chuckle about the "old days". Speaking of competitive Judoka, how about Jeb's dad, Ken... I suspect he is still lurking around the mat.

Jeb's dad is still going around competing in old fella comps. I think he came second in the world masters last year. He is still on the mat giving young guys a hard time.

2nd in the world masters HOT DAMN! One scary guy, not the least because he wears coke-bottle glasses (fights blind) and removes some of his teeth before bowing in.

Are Jeb and Ken from Tasmania?

Just I heard about this amazing old judoka in Tassie that an uncanny ability to throw guys around the room, yet he is almost completely blind.

Could be wrong just sounded like the same guy?


I think you got the wrong guys Gerald, Jeb and Ken are from Sydney. I think i know the blind guy you are talking about. I saw one of the worst examples of sportsmanship, when this guy entered a normal judo tournament and his opponent ran around behind him and double legged him.

Blind Judoka: that sounds like Anthony Clark? You might have heard about my claim to fame regarding him. It went something like this:

1. Walked into the club, stepped on his dog and said "Who the F**K brought their stinking dog into the dojo?" to which me replied "ME!";

2. While fighting Anthony (read Anthony punishing me) the following relevation dawned on me: "Never step on a blind black belt world champ's dog"

3. As I slinked/limped out of the dojo I managed to trip over the flea infested mutt again... needless to say I didn't say sory.


Didn't want to get too far off the original thread so I started another titled - Judo Double Leg?



I can't post on your other thread gerald so here is your answer.

Yep you can it is called morote gari in judo or double leg grab. You can also do single legs, ankle picks, high crotches etc as well though it has to be in one clean action ie you can't pick up a leg and hop around for ten seconds to score the takedown.

Another point to note is the scoring system in judo means you have to throw people on their backs to score. This means people can spin out onto their stomachs when you attack their legs and you get no score, although it gives you an opportunity to attack on the ground.

hahahah good story dutch.

I suppose i should answer the thread question.
Uni Games stands out for me too

-2001 uni games in the team final against Monash, who we beat the year previously loosing on a count back after it finished 2 wins a piece and one draw. My match was the draw, where i managed to put my opponent on queer street with a strangle and snap his elbow, yet i couldn't score on him! He was a tough bastard, though he withdrew from the individuals.

So if you take some guy down he will instantly give his back so you don't score? Can you just choke him then?

Alex: after all that the ref's did make a decision? That blows!

Sure you can, if the guy is a deadshit, but given that he has the ability to re-arrange himself mid-flight already (which is no mean feat), avoiding a choke is usually within the scope of his powers.

Dutch- there was no hante unfortunately, and i got an ippon call, only to be waved away as off the mat!

How long do you get on the ground?

It is very subjective and depends on the referee, the rule states you get stood up when "When during Newaza there is no apparent progress". This normally translates to about 5-10 sec to get something started and maybe another 15 sec to get the finish or hold. You have to be very quick on the ground in judo.

Some of my faves was ADCC in '98. That was awesome, not only competing at that level but getting to meet guys like Sperry, Renzo, Newton, Oleg, Almedia, Charuto and so many more.

I also really enjoyed competing at the last Mundial. In both my weight and the absolute I won the first round by submission and then lost the next round by points/advantage. Really enjoyed the experience though.