What was the crowd yelling during Cody/TJ fight?

Randomly rewatching this PPV on the DVR.


At around 3:47 into the 2nd round, the crowd starts to chant something.


About 10 seconds later, D.C. says "I don't understand this...Dillashaw's a good guy. I don't quite understand why"


Then, T.J. knocks Cody down with a headkick, which temporarily ends the conversation.


Some time later, Rogan randomly says "Was that audience yelling what I think they were yelling?"


Anik and D.C. agree and D.C. responds with "They were and I don't quite understand it cause Dillashaw's a great guy.  I don't understand why to support your guy you have to disrespect the other."


I watched that portion a few times, but I still can't make out what the crowd was saying.


"Fuck you TJ" was what they chanted

can hear here