What was the first barbed wire match?

The oldest barbed wire match I can think of is Dusty Rhodes vs. Tully Blanchard at The Great American Bash 1987. Barbed wire was wrapped around the regular ropes. I'm wondering what the oldest barbed wire match is period and also what the oldest match is where the ropes are completely replaced by barbed wire.

had to be something from japan.

bruddahoodaman - had to be something from japan.

Nah I figure it had to have started in the South somewhere, since barbed wire would be used on farms and stuff. Didn't the whole Japanese Deathmatch craze start with FMW and Atsushi Onita? He got his original hardcore wrestling ideas when he was wrestling in Memphis from what I understand.

I'm not sure, but at 411wrestling they have a weekly questions column you could submit the question to. The guy that does it really does his homework.

Anyone find one earlier than this? Knew the Sheepherders and Fantastics had a barbed wire match in the 80's so I searched for that and found this on a compilation video.

The Sheepherders vs. Invader I/III (9/21/85 WWC - Barbed Wire Match)

I would think Puerto Rico because they were hardcore/violent, before the whole Japanese thing took off which ECW then "stole".

Not positive but I think it started as a Texas gimmick.

In Foley's book, he was talking about doing one with Eddie Gilbert in TWA, and remarked "traditionally, the barbed wire was simply wrapped around the ropes until Japan raised the bar and replaced the ropes entirely with it".

I have no idea how historically accurate that is, though.