what was the first video game you played?

 i can't believe this, but i remember playing this thinking it was the bomb for about a half n hour before getting bored.  what was your first video game?

lol as we give away our ages.

street fighter 2

"lol as we give away our ages"

I played that ping pong game. We played that game for at least a year. Hahaha.Second game I ever played was Space Invaders. Damn, I be old.

The first game I really remember playing was Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. Great game.

Body Blow

Body Blow

Left Left

My very first was Pong, then the Atari games Space Invaders and Pac Man

DAMMMM I'm old!!!!

Frogger on the Atari. Across the way, Uncle Patrick had a 16yr old son, Ricky, who had an atari. Up until then, all I did at supermarkets was watch other people play. I realized how much I sucked. haha

speaking of arcade...

THIS @ 7-11 across Kawananakoa Intermidiate after school

Probably Super Mario Bros. 2.

I'll merk anyone in Original Street Fighter 2. Set up a tournament, we'll do it.

you know, but of all the games i played (and yes, there were better and more elaborate games) one of my favorite was "spy hunter".

when i worked as a runner for a movie production over my 8th grade summer vacation our office was out of the ala moana hotel and there was a spy hunter machine down stairs by the shops. i played that game everyday that summer. god damn good memories.

OMFG Jimmy if you was in the IN crowd you know Kylynns was where its at

Anyone hang out at Mianos? Across the street from Liliuokalani Elementary, next door to Kaimuki crackseed.

Mine was either pong or tank battle, the crappy one on the atari where you were a see through green wire frame tank wandering around looking for another one to shoot.

tank battle was 3D!

It was probably an Atari game, but I can't remember the first one I played. I liked Combat, though.

combat. oh man!

Hand held electronic football. The green one with the red blinking lights. And Atari.