What was wrong with Vera?

Seems like he forgot how to wrestle and bjj. And why did he keep on clinching when he wasnt doing well in that area. He was doing well standing and getting the better of Silva and then he initiated clinches and get beaten. Any word yet if he got cut by UFC already. I WAS a fan and still thinks that he has the skills to compete at the top level but I dont think he has it mentally. It was frustrating to watch him do nothing.

 He had the bad luck of being the first one to fight a totally healthy Thiago Silva. Shit happens.

Ive been a huge fan of Vera for years and still am. His skills are sick, and he was domonating Silva standing.. I was surprised how easy Silva got him down as well.. But lets be real, Silva is a beast, I think he is just much stronger.

Vera Has lost to Silva now, and Jones back to back. However they are 2 of the top 6 in the division IMO, or close to it.

I do think he may be on the verge of being cut, but Vera/Mousasi, Hendo, etc are great match ups in strikeforce.

 His striking looked really good from what I saw of the first two rounds.  On the ground was rough going though.

^^ He beat Randy IMO.

And IMO is better than judges in a lot of cases, so ill go with how I feel on that one.

Randy won how? By pushing him agaisnt the fence for 3rounds and not engaging?

He just reminded me of myself getting stuck under someone and only remembering one way to escape from the bottom. But I can expect that from a newbie and not someone who trains fulltime. I can understand if he was at least trying something and Silva was just to good and countering everything but Vera was just doing nothing and looked lost.

Ya, I think he couldve finished the fight if it stayed standing, Thiago wasnt ready for that at all. Too bad he didnt use his range and got taken down and bitchslapped...
but hey, maybe he can get a rematch with big timmy now!

I kept saying that he needs to keep moving and use distance and low kick the shit out of Silva and do not clinch. And then he clinches. Right after that Rogan would say he need to avoid clinching as if he heard me say it all the way from canada.

He did the same thing against Tim Sylvia. For some reason, he thinks he's really good in the clinch, but I've seen him get taken down from there so many times and yet he continues to initiate clinches all the time. If you go through every loss of Vera's, it was the result of getting out-wrestled and outworked on the ground. Nobody's really beaten him up when it comes to striking.

Vera has good skills, he just doesn't know how to put it together when the level of competition goes up. Sosyznski is a solid win, but aside from that he has lost to every other relevant fighter since beating Mir.

he needed life call

I think he gets another chance. You can't overlook his marketing potential. He has a lot of support from the Philippine community. They are a very dedicated and passionate culture and we have to recognize Dana's world wide strategy, he wants the UFC to be the most popular sport in the world. Mark Munoz is taking the Philippine demographic away from Vera so he can't lose forever but Vera is slightly more marketable due to his comfort in front of the camera. If Munoz wins another fight and Vera looses his next I think he's gone. Phone Post

Im a proud Filipino and supported Vera all this time, but my suport is running out. Munoz has way more heart than Vera. Vera has better MMA skills than Munoz but when the going gets tough, Vera goes missing. I'm still hoping for Vera to show what he is capable off but I'm running out of faith.

this was another case of an unwilling uke

silva played a very good match. not making big mistakes is the vera antidode right now

I think he ballees da hype.

 "Dont believe the hype, believe what you see"

Vera is the Chargers of MMA. They are both from San Diego, Both have the talent to be #1, But they both seem to Choke all the damn time. Its frustrating being a Charger fan And Vera Fan, tired of telling my friends this is it Vera is gonna crush this guy and then wah wah wah. I think he needs to see a therapist or something. He was doing great standing up, he initiated the clinch and wound up on the losing side, Every damn round was the same. Start standing Vera getting the better of the exchanges, followed by Vera initiating a clinch getting outgrappled and ending up on the bottom. I hope they dont cut him, Maybe he isnt training with the right people, probably needs to change his weight training regimen. I hope its not to late for Him. Either way Go Vera and Chargers. Next time we will get em.........( a guy can dream)

chargers analogy is awesome