What we Christian Men are lacking

I read Wild at Heart, and have been attending a class on waking the dead. Also the Lord has been just in revealing things to me in the scriptures.

It's my belief that the biggest problem with the men of the church today is a lack of Mercy on their fellow man, Self Righteousness, and a lack of Integrity.

Still one thing rings truer than any in all the above... Many do not come into an intimate relationship with God in which He deals with their hearts, but instead act like scribes and Pharmacies by not adding to much onto the people around them while not living by what they say (Matt 23)

It's my belief that grace is given to us to be shared, and likewise Love is shown to us to love one another... I am a sinner, I have been a self-righteous pig on many occasions, and those who lead people astray like this. Theirs is the greater damnation (Matt23) what wounds are suffered onto man are suffered by the hands of men.

I guess what I'm saying God loves you. Yes you, and though the many will claim Him as Lord you should understand that a true man of God is a servant who cares for your heart and your well being, not how educated or rich you are. If I have all knowledge and understand but have not love I am nothing (II Cor 13) Many will call Him Lord, but He will say "Depart I knew you not (In one of the Gospels). I apologize if in my ignorance I lead any of you astray by my nature.

Nice post DuSmiEthwhi, and I agree w/you. I read and loved wild at Heart bro. What of Waking the dead? Is it comparable. In your opinion that is.


If you don't have a house, chances are you don't have a home either. Otherwise you'd be there where people could look out for you. Thats part of the dispair. They are missing that abstract idea which all of us take for granted.

Puzzled Waking the dead is good too. It has a lot of Wild at Hearts Ideas, but Waking the Dead deals with Christ promise to give life abundant.. Life on Earth after salvation.

lol - I was confused by the first post. You said you were taking a class on waking the dead. I didn't realize that was the name of a book. I was thinking "this is a Christian?"

"You said you were taking a class on waking the dead. I didn't realize that was the name of a book"

lol Jeft Jesus did it.

"Do you mean the people condemning the homeless?"

I mean all who have lead people away from God by their hypocricy and/or Self Rightiousness.

God is love by many who claim to serve Him serve evil, and treat their fellow men not as brothers, but as slaves. Matthew 23 says all men are brother, and to let no man call you father.

very good post Du, theres alot some Christian men are lacking.

yours in Christ