What website does LayzietheSavage work for?

The name of the site has slipped my mind... It is one of the few sites not blocked here but I can't remember!


nevermind.. middleeasy


thanks Chimonos.. I remembered it 2 min after posting.. then I went to the site and wondered why I wanted to go there to begin with?

 lol age getting to ya 

acually.... i should shut up, I do that all the time now-a-days lol 

TUFF-N-UFF - thanks Chimonos.. I remembered it 2 min after posting.. then I went to the site and wondered why I wanted to go there to begin with?

 see you in a few hours buddy.

tuffnuff is live tonight on blackbelt tv from the treasure island in las vegas nv.  UG member Aaron Tru will be doing the play by play.  hope to see some of you guys there!

going to be a few girl fights that should steal the spotlight as well as some great local fighters from xtreme couture, wand fc and others.  as they say in brazil, "don''t miss!"  Former UFC fighter Marvin Eastman has a son that is coming up the ranks who will be fighting tonight at well.

axxesmerdas -  I think tuff e nuff takes advantage of amatuers fighters by turning a profit. They should atleast make a donation in the name of the fighter to thier favorite charity. I think their should be amatuer mma. I think if they get paid it should pancrase rules. Phone Post

 im not going to get involved in any debates or controversial topics, but in regards to charity work, tuff does a lot.  thye work with cancer charity, they help run a program called unity through sports where they give free mma classes at the las vegas boys and girls clubs.  i know tonight they are honoring mighty mia hayes, a cancer victim who just passed that has been a large part of tuffnuff and cancer awareness/charity.

im not 100 percent, but pretty sure they did an actually full on cancer charity event at xtreme couture a few weeks ago.

axxesmerdas - 

From what u said it sounds like they have charities for their own tax write offs. I dont see how that benifits a fighter. Please elaborate. Phone Post

Before TUFF-N-UFF, there was no amateur MMA in Las Vegas or Nevada for that matter. Most fighters want a safe place to gain experience. I could be wrong but judging by your outlook on this subject and no blue name, I would guess that you do not fight? You can not legally pay amateur fighters, if you could, they wouldn't be amateur, they would be pro. I've worked for TUFF-N-UFF for a few years now. Before TUFF-N-UFF, I had done a little work with a few other amateur organizations and I've seen the way some promoters treat their amateur fighters. The fighters are what sells the tickets and without them, there would be no show. Not all promoters act that way, TUFF-N-UFF is different imo and takes care of their fighters. They want to see their fighters develop and grow and become champions. This topic comes up every few months and some people act like fighters are being forced to fight and not get paid, that couldn't be further from the truth. Fighters like Robert Drysdale, Ryan Couture, Ronda Rousey, and others made the choice to get some experience under their belts before going pro.