what were the supplements?

What do you guys think the supplements were. Seemed like some of those guys really wanted them badly.

One of them mentioned NO2 (a nitric oxide booster),
which is very very expensive

whats it do?

Lodune dropped his potassium.

It is a vasoldilator, meaning it opens up your veins
so you get more blood to the muscles and a better pump
when you lift. I am not sure why fighters would use
it. Possibly because more bloodflow means more
nutrients get to your muscles and more waste products
are removed, speeding up your recovery. But that is
theoretical. In one study, it increased bench press
strength in trained individuals.

Give Hogan a cavity check. I think he squirreled them away in his ass.

No, I am not wrong, I am looking at the study right
now. It was done by Richard Kreider of Baylor
University, probably the most respected sports
supplement researcher in the country. With that said,
I have no opinion on NO2, and think it probably would
not help the TUF guys very much. However, individuals
react differently. What may not work for Dan might
work very well for someone else.

MARK MCGWIRE STOLE THEM.... heard it here first!

The judges from the Bonnar-Southworth fight stole them.

Jack, I don't think so. And while I know the
supplement industry can beshady, Kreider has an
excellent rep. In the study (and a post-study
interview) he states that he does not believe it
imprves body composition, which I am sure is the
number one reaosn why people buy it. If he was in the
pockets of the manufacturers, you would think they
would pressure him into greater results than something
like "modest strength increases in trained subjects."