What were you allowed to stay up late for

letting my mom that my dad was in the driveway and that uncle Jeff and mom needed to be in the kitchen.

Headbangers ball Phone Post 3.0

JimmersonzGlove - Headbangers ball Phone Post 3.0
This, and when I was younger, Knight Rider, Hardcastle & McCormic, and anything I wanted to watch on the weekend... Phone Post 3.0

Christmas. Mexicans don't fuck around with Santa Claus. We knew my mom was the one who bought the gifts so at 12:01 we'd open the gifts Phone Post 3.0

New years eve until after midnight. Phone Post 3.0

SNICK. Phone Post 3.0

Saturday Night's Main Event, hockey games from the west coast, Jays or Expos games that went extra innings, and Knight Rider. Phone Post 3.0

Girly - Oh and when they'd play wizard of oz which used to be once a year Phone Post 3.0
Yup. Me too.

Clash of the Titans too. Phone Post 3.0

New Wave Theater, late 70's Phone Post 3.0

Hockey games.Lots of late night car rides coming back from the Forum with me falling asleep in the back and being carried to bed.Good times.

i never really had a bedtime. i stayed up well past when my parents did. i could goto sleep pretty much whenever i wanted.

the catch was my old man felt when he woke up was the time we all had to wake up. and sleeping into to him was 8am lol.the more tired he seen i was the more shit he found for me to do that day.

Wcw monday nitro, mad tv

And Hocky's uncle's cock in my ass Phone Post 3.0

Kung Fu Theater

For some odd reason we were allowed to stay up late to watch Roller Derby. I was like 8 and couldnt get enough of it.

Funny thing is I didn't understand it. I still don't.

WTF was I thinking.

Are you afraid of the dark Phone Post 3.0

Bos da plaine.... bos da plaine Phone Post 3.0

I never had a mandated bedtime. Was always good about going at the same time. Phone Post 3.0

My uncle wouldn't let me watch die hard 2 when I was 13... i was so pissed I joined the military to let him know how tough I was. Phone Post 3.0

I remember staying up late for Evel Knievel shows. Every now and then there would be a special that started at like 8, and our bedtime was like 8:30, but the stunt wouldn't be until just before 9. He was a legit hero back in the day. I had an Evel Knievel electric tooth brush, and toys.
R.I.P. Evel Phone Post 3.0

When I was a kid hammer house of horror god I had so many nightmare's as a kid.

Thanks hammer. Phone Post 3.0