What will be for sale at OSW2?

Just wondering what will be for sale during the Ontario Sub Wrestling Tournament this Saturday?

I was hoping that there might be some VHS/DVD's for sale.

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Hopefully foot long hot dogs and french fries:)

Protein bars will be on sale care of Sport Nutrition Depot (www.sndcanada.com)

Rocinha will be selling shirts, hats, patches, postcards, baked goods and dvds.

We'll have 2 dvds: OTM's scar tissue and Southern Cali. PRo-Am dvd (most likely)

Sprawl Canada will be selling all the Sprawl products at the event. to view what we will have check out wwww.sprawl.tv for more info on products.

Sprawl Canada will have it's own website soon for Canadian customers www.sprawl.ca going live June 15th

-Booster Juice will be selling Acai and Acai related products.

-I will be selling some sweet looking tournament t-shirts courtesy of RioFightWear as well there will be a table selling WAND,Vitamins and Minerals,Hunter, BTT, TAPOUT and more BJJ/MMA stuff!

-There will also be a raffle for some awesome prizes with proceits going towards the Rocinha Project.

So bring some extra cash or you may regret it!


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-The event is one day away and I am pumped!!!
-Last minute line up change! Jesse Richardson of Shah Franco's had to pull out due to injury and Bryan Edge from the Joslins/Alliance Team filled the spot as a replacement to face Mike Khardas!Thanx Bryan and to those who offered to replace as well!

-Picked up the event t-shirts and they look great!

-Emilio Novoa, V.P. of the Grapplers Quest tournaments came in yesturday, and will be scouting out talent at the event as well as selling some awesome shirts, DVD's and more!!!

-The event's raffle is awesome this time! Not only will proceits be going towards the Rocinha Project, but there will be a cool combo deal with a event shirt and raffle tickets! Also, if you buy the raffle tickets to win some awesome prizes, you will recieve a pass to one of Ontario's top Fitness facilities!

Now off to the airport to pick up Jacare! His seminar is not to be missed guys!Come on down and learn from the man who produced some of the top BJJ champion black belts! Seminar is open to any club regardless of affiliation or team! Check the Jacare seminar thread for details!

See everyone tomorrow!

good times