What will be the next DOTCOM or BITCOIN

There’s something right now that will be worth 1000 times what it is now. You just have to figure out what it is.

Will an obscure comic be made into a movie and shoot up in value?

Will a new technology emerge that changes the world?

Will a small company turn into the next Google and we don’t even realize it exists yet?

What will be the big thing in 2035?

Nuclear Coin
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There’s always money in banana stands.


White man’s scalp?

I threw a little money into a rat contraceptive that is to replace rat poison.

Rats usually smarten up towards traps and avoid them. This is just a liquid they drink and has no effect other than preventing them from reproducing. A single rat can produce 1,250 pups in a year, then they exponentially grow. It’s been tested to reduce rat populations at a chicken farm by 94% after 1 year.

It’s got no traction right now because the company can’t sell for shit but with the bleeding hearts of the world I believe this product is a good long term investment. I believe some cities have already started banning rat poison too.

Another angle is this product expanding to problems like feral cats. I live in a nice clean neighborhood but there are feral cats hiding somewhere tearing up birds in my backyard. I’m more hopeful for the feral cat problems, I think there is a whole island of cats.

Anyways it’s ticker is SNES. Senestech and the product is contra pest. It’s currently $1.50ish a share. I could see this 10-15x in a few years


^That technology sounds like it has huge potential in the vaccine industry! I can see the potential for a huge exit after an acquisition by the Gates Foundation


Oh my that would be amazing. It would probably go 70x then and we’d rid the world of a lot of sheep.
I’m not getting that shit!

Have you seen the videos of people putting magnets to their arms in the spot they got their vaccine? The magnets will stick. I figured the videos were fake but a co worker got the vaccine 2 months ago, so we tested it yesterday where he got his shot and it stuck to his arm. Not his other arm though, and he has never had surgery, so that’s interesting.

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Probably snail food right Homeslice!?

GRT. It indexes all Blockchain data so it could become the Google of Blockchain one day.


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