What will DeSantis announce today?

In the past the 2 parties were capable of working to legislate for the good of the voters.

Now any sign of cooperation with the other side brands you as a RINO or “not a true Dem”

We reward, thru re-election, the politicians who refuse to work with each other.

That’s crap.

They’re getting paid an assload of money and perks to run shit for OUR benefit so I’d like to see them go back to pretending

Well yeah, if we lived in the past, I’d be all for more cooperation. At this point, with these politicians, I am more hopeful that they don’t manage to get anything accomplished, because the absolute shit they do accomplish isn’t helping this country much.

Semiconductor bill passed. It was bipartisan.


Look in their portfolios and you’ll see they are all connected to either the semiconductor industry OR industries connected to it.

Not to mention those who will get bumps in approval for bringing jobsm

Not to mention whatever the businesses who benefit from this paid them.

Politicians view “what’s good for me?” first and if that answer is lacking the idea goes to hell

They are abusing this IMNSHO.

We pay them and get excuses

This response is exactly what liberals do;
Project their moral authoritative shame on you while they do exactly the same and worse.

VTCO is a piece of shit.

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