What will it take to get Pride HW

to come to the UFC? Is it just the $$$$$ or do they not like the Octagon? Anyone know. If it is just the money that sucks. How much exactly do Fedor and the other top Pride fighters pull in? For example GSP was pau 25 o show and 25 to win anyone know what Silva pulls in to show and to win?

now is it 6 figures per fight or 6 figures total? Even if it is per fight 50 to show and 50 to win doesnt seem that unreasonable for the best in the world, especially with all the cash UFC is making now with there sponsors, there tv dela and there ppv and venue sales

now thats an orginization that knows how to take care of there guys. 500,000 for Fedor 24,000 for Franklin lmao

wand makes about 300-500K per fight now. Fedor probably makes more.

so if Pride wanted too they could pretty much bury the UFC by offering all the UFC top fighters 100,000 grand just to show. I am surprised they have not done this.

Unless the sponsorship money is so much greater in the UFC