What would a UFC title mean to you?

It's a slightly EMO/abstract question. 


And I understand that most of the posters here aren't pro fighters so to talk of being a world champion is a big jump. 


Nevertheless, I am wondering are you bothered about legacies in the sport and that kind of thing or do you just watch it for entertainement. 


To put it in perspective sports illustrated did a poll where they asked Olympic athletes some kind of question about doping I can't remember it exactly but as I remember the overwhelming majority of athlete's said if they won the gold medal they wouldn't care if they died within five years. 


I also remember Tim Montgomery saying if he won the gold medal he wouldn't care if he died on the other side of the finish line. It's hard to believe someone is only in it for the money if they make a statement like that. 


I'm not sure everyone applies the same level of prestige to MMA.  


So if you were in a hypothetical world where you could potentially win UFC gold would you regard it as a means to an end, a chance to grow your profile and win a fat pile of cash or would you covet the glory more? 



It's a marketing tool. Nothing more.

Take the money because when it's all said and done the glory fades with time.

It would be the pinnacle accomplishment for a fighter.

Realistically it still pales in comparison with Olympic gold.

It would mean I could kick all your asses.  Come at me bro’s.