What would the death numbers look like with no masks, vaccines or social distancing?

I see natural immunity is great and likely lasts longer than that of the vaccines. Also noticed India’s covid cases have fallen off a cliff despite only a small minority of the population being vaccinated.

I wonder where we would be had we just done nothing but not sent infected old people back to nursing homes and kept old people and 300 lb people away from large gatherings?

What nations have almost no vaccination, distancing and masks and how do their death tolls stack up against that of say the US or Canada? You have to wonder if they won’t have greater long term immunity to covid strands than the vaccinated nations.

Won’t be taking any booster shots or yearly covid jabs, not happening.


India brought their pandemic under control using Ivermectin yet the only time the western media mentions Ivermectin is too mock people and call it horse and cattle de-wormer.


It will be interesting to see if they have more long term success with keeping covid deaths low with natural immunity compared to the death tolls of highly vaccinated nations.

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We would be in the same place death wise but a much better place freedom wise…

Sweden is an example that everyone wouldn’t just automatically die.


What does the political class in India have to say about vaccine mandates I wonder. Also curious if most of their physicians and scientists are in favor of these particular vaccines or not.

Wonder how long they will stay at only 16% vaccinated…

We already know there would be no difference. The examples of this are too numerous to list but…


Also compare states with strict mandates to states with little to no mandates.

There NO CORRELATION between mandates and rates of infection, hospitalizations and deaths.

The state with the most deaths (New Jersey) had some of the strictest mitigation measures.


Probably like the flu…

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Moderna is already developing dual covid and flu shots you can take every year!

One can look at last fall/winter to see how our death numbers looked with relaxed precautions

People mention Sweden and India but I’d like to hear about places with zero lockdowns, distancing and vaccination to really see what it would be like.

I know lockdowns and masks have been complete bullshit societal control exercises on the part of some very bad actors.

No reason to drag Mark Walberg into this.


Hey KOP… speaking of pancakes, the king of frozen pancakes is a scientist, perhaps when he is done forcing innocent children to eat frozen pancakes he will see this thread and share his sciency sounding opinion on these issues.

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More than likely the exact same


Who is this again? This imposter king of breakfast cakes…


There is a new kingofpancakes in town, KOP! Accept it.

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We shut small businesses down which are already low traffic compared to supermarkets. For Christ’s sakes, pawn shops were essential!

Amazon flourished!

The virus isnt fake but the government reaction was a scam.


How can anyone predict that when we can’t even get accurate numbers now.

Hasn’t the CDC said their are double actual infections then those identified as positive?

Somebody do the maths on the death / survival rate after that new info.

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