What would the death numbers look like with no masks, vaccines or social distancing?


If you guys would just stay home, say your prayers, and eat your pancakes, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

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How about the homeless camps all over california.
Shouldn’t they all be dead by now?

7billion dead - Bill Gates

There are no comparable places. If there are third world countries with lower restrictions they have completely different demographics, with much younger population. They’re simply not comparable.

In all seriousness , the numbers have been manipulated as they told you from the start so there is no way to know

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Exactly right.

The death rate is insanely small.

Sweden shows that less restrictions get pretty much the same result, but Sweden still had social distancing, no public events and work from home.

The entire world would be Florida.


If you stop watching the news and looking at bs social media, it actually disappears.


Florida was a disaster before “Covid” so looks like nothing has changed!


North Korea hasn’t had a single case! Amazing! Maybe Biden saw that and it’s continuing his push to be more like Kimmy boy!


I don’t think the Amish having been doing any vaccination, distancing or lockdowns. We need some data on covid among the Amish.

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good luck finding any

no, thats called seasonality

We shouldn’t have done anything… ignored covid completely and just went about our day… it’s what we should do now… absolutely nothing.


yep just like we do every flu season

almost all even quasi healthy working age people and younger have statistically no risk of dying from covid. From the get go we should have just focused efforts on protecting the elderly, group homes, the sick. Id add disgusting fat slobs to that list but no one cares about them.

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Why no mention of the Amish in the media… they seem to be doing great with zero distancing or vaccination. So shocking.

What sort of data do we have out there on vaccinated people transmitting covid vs unvaccinated people transmitting covid. All the promises in the media about vaccinated people not transmitting or contracting covid were all lies and now they just change the narrative.

I’m so angry at all the deception and obfuscation out there in the mainstream media over the past few years. The lies just pile up so high and you can’t take it anymore. And that is coming from someone who got vaccinated with moderna to better protect the health of a sick loved one I help care for in this crisis.

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