What would you do if you could retire early?

I would love to live there.

Why would you be so concerned with whether or not a random successful person on a forum has kids or not and why is it a concern of yours? Weird bro, weird.


@sadic1 I take offense to this post. Go fuck yourself. Seriously, don’t interact with me here anymore.


Ban worthy…

Fuck him.


Just beginning- I speak English, French pretty well and enough Spanish to get by when I was talking to Hispanic patients. The Mandarin is a real challenge. I am using a site called Glosika but will probably invest in a good tool like Rosetta.

ned, I had no idea you would take serious offense and sincerely apologize. I was being cavalier, but its been my belief for a long time that not enough of the people who are best qualified to raise good kids want to put the time and effort into doing it, and in a sense are using the world while it lasts for their own meaningless pleasure without improving it when they have the greatest ability to do so. So when I see someone like you who has the capacity to raise great kids who chooses not to, I think of it as a waste of positivity. Im not sure if my post tweaked some sort of relationship or fertility issue that I wasnt aware of, and if so, again, my apologies, though I wouldnt presume any method of obtaining kids to be better than any other. It was in all honestly an offhanded and shitty way to compliment you, but I didnt think off color comments about wives and moms were such a big deal around here.


Way too genuine and apologetic for the OG. You’re supposed to call them a faggot and threaten violence if someone gets offended.


Seriously? You didn’t know people’s wives were off limits? Like fuck off… don’t blame ignorance.

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Ive been here since before you were a stain in your second daddys underwear, and no, what I said in most cases wouldnt move the needle, but it did offend ned and I think he, unlike you, contributes value to the forum and seems like a nice guy, so I apologized honestly and sincerely. You’re just a member of the outrage chorus that often like to jump on stuff like this and blow it up as big as possible, because you have nothing of value to add of your own.


I don’t know if this will get me banned but I was banned previously, I’m not new but who cares… I wasn’t banned for trolling but for telling some alt account to fuck off which turned out to be one of the Mods.

But regardless I stand by what I said, you can say what you like about me, cool story bro. I will get out of the way though because you’re trying to deflect onto me to take heat off yourself so I will gladly bow out of this thread so the heat can rightfully stay on you for being an asshole.

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I don’t know if you know but Ned’s clearing up this hell hole and you broke terms of service, pal!

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Travel, Cook, Eat, Drink, Hunt, Fish, Read, Paint, Fuck, Try and write a book or something.

Fuck getting another job.

I cant stand people who act like “oh i dont know what I would do with myself without a job”


I didnt “bring you into it,” you chose to make yourself part of the issue, and I told you to fuck off, so keep fucking off, faggot.

Alls I did was say something that offended someone and apologized for it.

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Blow me.

Laziest faggot ever.

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I feel like if these two retired early they would just spend the rest of their time sucking each others dicks


I am semi retired and in my 40’s. I say “semi” retired because i need something to do.

In my thirties I traveled the world- you are not missing much. People fucking suck, airports suck, tourists suck. If you are white you are a walking ATM and target for robbery virtually everywhere outside the USA. I have a trip coming up to SA and i’m considering cancelling it because I can’t stand airports.

I have a home gym, movie theater in my house, pool, sauna, etc. Everything I can get delivered so I rarely leave the house. I have a personal assistant that runs all my errands and does my dirty work.

My advice is to have a plan for your retirement above and beyond the financial aspect. Have a purpose.

I stopped partying/drinking and that only added to the boredom. I used to write (had three books on Amazon and barnes and noble) but I unpublished them because I know my words can and will be used against me in the future.

I’m into fishing, boating, gardening and a few other hobbies. Although I will admit I haven’t done enough of that lately. Now that the weather here in FL is getting nicer, i’ll be out more.



Agreed on the “traveling losing it’s appeal”.

The last time I was in an airport I went through the scanner and got flagged. A TSA agent asked me if I wanted to do the pat down right there or in private. I said “you can do it here”.

He proceeded to stick his finger up my ass through my jeans. I quickly turned and said “I hope you are buying me breakfast, big guy”. Stone faced, he said “Yeah, well let me give you some advice. Don’t wear jeans with a pattern on the pockets”.

I shot back: But did you have to stick a finger up my ass because of stitching on the pockets of my jeans? He was getting all geared up for a confrontation, so I just walked away. The next time that happens someone is getting knocked out. I’m amazed at how quickly Americans just gave up their freedoms and rolled over after 9/11. The terrorists truly won in every sense.

When I was in Portugal, the N African gangs ran the streets. They would harass me to buy drugs etc, and they would follow me when I left my hotel. One big guy asked me if I “wanted to meet some ladies”. When I said no, he tried physically grabbing my shoulder and steering me toward a seedy strip club. I quickly pushed him off and said “back up motherfucker!” About 5 seconds later several of his guys came out, seemingly out of nowhere to back him up. I was about 6’ 220 at the time, this guy was probably 6’4 300 lbs and he had an army of guys ready to pounce. They don’t tell you about shit like this in the travel brochures.

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I used to decline the radiation scanner just so they would have to feel around on my dick, balls and asshole lol.