What would you do if you could retire early?

Travel the world and enjoy experiencing different cultures.

If you are white, forget that fantasy. The experience you get directly correlates to how much money you can spend with these shitholers. They’ll beg, scam, and rob if they can.

My last trip some guy demanded money and I told him to get fucked and he charged me, chin out. He received a wonderful headbutt to the teeth, I spun to his back and suplexed him on the concrete. His buddy came charging and I simply shoved him (he was a stick boy) and he went flying, landing in a humiliating heap.

One time these three guys in SA were following me at night. They were about a block behind me. So i crossed the street and started jogging up the hill. Seeing as I was in 100x better shape than these punks they tried it and all of them gassed out in 15 seconds. Fucking generation tide pod can’t even do robberies right.

It’s retirement not a normal Wednesday. Geesh


This reminds me of a true story. My oldest son is an ultra runner - does 50 milers in rough terrain. One of his running friends owns a runners store here in town. Anyway, Mike was hanging out down at the store. Some young Black guy comes in the store, grabs a couple of pairs of shoes and takes off out the door. Mike and his buddy give chase (both were carrying). The dude was fast but they got close. Mike’s buddy tells the guy “We run 50 miles for fun, how long can you keep going?” The guy stops, drops the shoes and says “Keep your damn shoes, both you niggas are whacked, white people are fuckin’ crazy.” They we’re laughing so hard, they let him go since he was only about 14.


I feel bad for people that had to travel so much only for business purposes and now hate airports.

I have travelled plenty (for both personal and business) and lived in other places and I still love travelling the world and try to do it as much as possible.

I don’t take selfies and have almost 0 social media outside LinkedIn, I just like meeting people, learning about other cultures and backpacking as much as I can. I do photograph my food plenty but just to send it to my girlfriend and make her jealous.


I agree that the funny thing about “retiring & traveling” is that the older you get, the more difficult travel gets. You just don’t have the energy needed; it’s more draining. Very different going to Europe or Asia in your 20s.

I love to travel, but the older I get the less appeal it has.

When you get 60+, I imagine most don’t really want to travel.


Growing up one of my older neighbors used to tell us all of his crazy/adventure stories everything from stealing as a kid, hitch hiking, to traveling while in the Navy post WWII/Korea timeframe. This guy was a real character.

He always used to tell us to do things like travel while we were still young enough to enjoy it and to be able to tolerate it. Always pressed the message that most people do it all wrong by waiting until retired then you are too old to enjoy it comfortably or health problems may interfere.

In my 20s and finishing grad school I mentioned to him about enrolling in a language program overseas and he was a big supporter of it. I remember by this time he was getting close to the end of his years, he told me to go and he bet I would never want to come back to the states. But either way to do it while young enough to enjoy.

Couple years later I came home, just out of some nagging thought that I better get back and start a “normal job” (That said I could have stayed and been happy just as he described).

Went to eat with my neighbor noticed his balance was not all there, and he was having trouble. He kept focusing on travelers tips and mentioned how he would like to thank a person that helped him many years ago when he was stranded traveling on a cross country trip. It was not much longer after that he ended up in the hospital and later bed ridden for probably about a year or more before passing away. During that time he did not talk and did not seem to recognize us. I used to visit him while his wife or others were taking care of him.

Glad I took his advice to travel overseas while younger, but holy hell as I type this I wonder if I should have followed his advice about just staying. He was a big proponent of getting out of the rat race when possible. Again as typing this I realize I am still in the rat race.


That sounds incredibly interesting. What are the differences?

I’d probably move somewhere like Franklin, Tennessee and open a gun shop. It’s close enough to family that I can drive it in a day but far enough south where snow isn’t really something to worry about.

Or possibly going out to somewhere like Park City and banging 20 year old Mormons.

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italki is your friend.

Motorhoming, touring on harley, dirt biking and sxsing, golf. Winter in AZ, summer in canadian rockies.

Likely buying a duplex in home town. Rent one side and keep the other as a home base. Sell off bigger family home.

Also have pondered doing some panhandling as a hobby…not get rich.

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Learn stuff/read. I would also build out my survival and bushcrafting skills. Learn primitive living, fishing, hunting. Learn to farm. I would definitely live off the grid on a big plot of land. Oh panning for gold maybe even do some rock hounding.

If I had the money I would open a Dog Rescue/Hospice, where I would take in all the old and ugly un-adoptable dogs before they are killed because fuck faces still buy dogs from breeders when millions get killed every year.

I would also get out of these negative feedback loops. The first thing I usually do in the morning is look at forums like this and 4chan to see what type of garbage the gov is trying to shove down our throats now. I should work on that now, actually.


I would also work bug bounties for fun.

For the people saying they would travel, motorhome, etc. If you retire early will you have the funds to pay for that lifestyle?


Great thread. I wouldn’t consider retiring early unless I was in a financial situation where I could take full advantage of the time. I have 12 to 15 more years of work before I am of the age to consider early retirement. If it happens, time will be spent with my kids and wife. Likely time in South America in the summer doing plenty of hiking and fishing. Travel to college football games in the fall. In an ideal scenario, a place with close proximity to the water so I can be fishing as much as possible.

Trades have retirement built into them. It’s a hard life but the money is there if you can do 35 years of busting ass…

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I am over 20 years of military service and I have been running the numbers…
I will have to work once I retire, but I won’t be forced to work myself to death to survive. I have a nice case for a high va disability rating - helicopter flight is not good for your spine.

I am most likely going to stay in aviation maintenance in North east florida until the kids are through college and then fully retire and sun myself by my pool.

Hopefully opening up a small dojo teaching jj, tai chi and fma. I’d like to work some kind of deal that kids that don’t come from money could pay with their report cards, have to have at least a B average, something like that.


I retired age 50, 4 months out of the year on sit on Rockaway beach eat a peach ,drink seltzer and read the NY Post — fuck yeah.