What would you do if you could retire early?

This is why our taxes are high.
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If the dude gave 20 years, he deserves something more than a pittance.

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Yes. How ? Saved for 30 years.

$1000 per month or less for a full service stall. Cook own meals. Also free to camp in the Arizona desert in the winter.

I’m a motorhome guy. Maybe a toy hauler 5th wheel, haven’t decided. Got 8 years.

Agree wholeheartedly with the alarm clock thing. I absolutely abhor having to set an alarm these days. Enough so that I cant sleep before the rare times I have to do it. Even things I enjoy like hunting suck balls so far as getting up goes. I normally get up whenever. Normally not at any reasonable time because I stay up until 3 or 4 am. Never was like this when I worked…kinda weird actually.

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Agree. I wore out all of my fucking joints working a very physical job for 35+ years. I want nothing from our government, nor will I take anything from them. I have provided for me and mine all by my damn self, we’re good.

Self-reliance, self-responsibility, and self accountability…learn them, they are very American traits. Free-loading…not so much. If you are still capable of working as you said you are, you deserve zero disability, and deep down you damn well know it. At least I would hope so.

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How Dryfly pictures himself…


How most of the OG pictures him…



I don’t think you understand how the VA disability rating system works. The money is already alloted in the budget for these claims, if they do not get claimed it goes to some other agency. School yourself up why the system exists and how it helps vets.

I have a fucked up back and neck from flying in a helicopter that did not have adjustable height seats. Imagine leaning forward for 15 years and having your knees above your hips, while a helicopter vibrates the discs in your spine down to almost nothing.

A lot of the military plan what type of disability they are going to go for when they get out. It’s these type of people that fuck over the people who need it.

I know a girl who got kicked out after 2 years, zero deployments, for doing cocaine. She got 100% disability for PTSD. Now my dad served in Vietnam and it destroyed his entire life. He had to do time in mental ward cause his PTSD was so bad. He fought for 100% disability for over 30 years before they gave him 100%. When he was dying, the government didn’t give one shit. We ended up paying $10,000 a month for a room with care.

It makes me sick that these dudes plan their disabilities out. If youre fucking “disabled” and can still do your job for 20 years. Then yeah, I’m going to go ahead and say piece of shit.


How can you do your job if you’re disabled?

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I’m sorry to hear about your dad.

I’ve heard similar stories of other women who got 80% or 100% disability for PTSD as well despite no combat or deployments. Can’t say I’m surprised, given where the state of things is at the moment.

thanks dude, I made a big thread of his diary about vietnam a while back. Like many, he had to die alone because of “covid”. We weren’t allowed to visit.

My brother did 4 tours as an infantry marine in Iraq. He had some crazy shit happen to him. The biggest thing that fucked him up was a grenade landed in his lap but it didn’t go off. He was also in a cemetary fight in Fallujah where there was hand to hand fighting. His buddy got a good knife kill. Anyways, this kid screams and shakes every night and is completely paranoid and angry as fuck now. He can’t stand still he just paces back and forth all day. He got 60%

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VA disability ratings does not mean you are “disabled”. You can be deemed totally disabled through the VA though. A rating provides compensation for an injury or impairment received while in the service.

Since service members cannot sue the government for their injuries, the VA is there to assist with compensation for what has been done to you. Think of a VA rating as compensation for depreciation of your body and a stipend for wages that you can or may not be able to make due to your bodily depreciation.

I read that thread about your dad, was a hard read at times. I’m sorry you were not able to visit, I can’t imagine. My dad has been dealing with a lot of illness lately and I dealt with the covid restrictions as well but not to the degree you did but I can relate.

Terrible your brother only got 60%. I hope he can get the help he needs.

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In my early 40s. Have enough to retire now but I like to work since I can work remotely and currently traveling around in Eastern Europe anyway. I’ll probably work until early 60s before retiring. But if I did retire early I foresee myself keeping up with Jiujitsu, Boxing, and playing chess to stay sharp. By 60s I’m sure I’ll have more money than I know what to do with and knock myself for being too frugal in my 30s and 40s.

Actually, this summer I was in Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Turkey, Portugal for a few months and I see guys traveling around in 60s and 70s all the time and honestly older folk seem to be healthier and younger looking today than what I remember. Some of them of them were divorced dudes with 20 something sugar babes traveling around gleefully.


SN fits…


Im pretty excited at the thought of retiring.

I might try a few bike trips I just don’t have time for now. Riding the tour divide in my 60’s somehow seems reasonable. I think I’ll still be pretty fit in my 60’s. I see some guys now doing crazy shit.

I also really enjoy work, so I may take some contract work depending on what my industry is doing in 20 years.

At worst, I’m retiring at 59 1/2. Gonna sell my ridiculous house and move somewhere smaller and more quiet.

Foster senior dogs.

I love traveling in the US more than internationally. So that should make cost and logistics totally manageable.


I wanna to ride the Trans-Continental… not necessarily all at once. The thought of leaving Alaska in December with a side car and electric clothes is not appealing…

being home all this time has led me to realize that i am going to need something constructive to do in retirement. i don’t think that hobbies (which i really have none), travel or leisure are enough.

i am going to need to either start a small business of some sort, or get a serious involvement in a volunteer organization.

For most people, this thread should be called “How shall I meaninglessly kill time til I die?” I cant think of much more sad or boring than simply passing years trying to find new ways to experience my own sensiate pleasure. Personally, I want to die in the middle of doing something I feel I have to do that is helping someone, preferably a family member. I want to be fixing my grandson’s car or walking to a restaurant for breakfast with my granddaughter and have a massive heart attack. Sure, they will be a little traumatized, but looking back, they will know I died doing what I loved and that I loved them more than stroking myself with some passtime.

If I didnt have kids, I guess Id try to find meaningful and/or dangerous work to help people in my community or overseas. Being old and with death lurking around the corner and with nobody else to live for offers people the freedom to take more personal risk in life en route to doing good works.

As they say, “life is what happens while you are busy doing other things,” so Id like to be busy doing things that need to be done rather than coloring my own coloring book all day.