What would you do if you inherited $1 million?

Was just thinking about this. Phone Post 3.0

Save and invest it

Two chicks at the same time Phone Post 3.0

Not much really, take a few vacations, get a new car, throw the rest into my retirement fund and hope to retire in 7 years.

Pay off home and business debt.  

Blow 20-50K on 4 days in vegas with my best buddy cuz I won a million bucks.  

Re invest remaining 500K

Shoot a load up every sloppy hillbilly bitch I know. Phone Post 3.0

Throw the chump change in the vault

-Scrooge McDuck Phone Post 3.0

I would invest half in low risk mutual funds, then take the other half over to my friend Asadulah who works in securities... Phone Post 3.0

Definitely two chicks at the same time! Also, I bet I could finally develop that expensive drug habit I've always thought about. The world would be my oyster! 

I would pay off my home, buy a "new" used car, take about $50 000 for travel over the the next 5 years or so, and then invest the rest in low-risk bonds, etc.m with the hope of purchasing an annuity or some type of investment that will give me a modest "pension" until I die.
My main goal is to retire as soon as I can and free up my time to do what I like.
I would only work to cover any future potential health care/insurance expenses.

If I'm being really serious

I would buy a 2 acre parcel in west Texas. Build a modest 2 bedroom ranch style home with a big barn.

Buy a couple of cows and chickens.

I figure that would cost about 250,000.

So the rest of the money I would invest. Assuming the million is tax free and I have 750,000 left, I would invest it.

1. 100,000 in gold and platinum
2. 100,000 in an offshore acct
3. 100,000 in stable blue chip stocks
4. 100,000 in risky tech/biotech stocks
5. 100,000 in starting an online business
6. 100,000 set aside for my family
7. 100,000 to help a couple needy family and friends
8. 50,000 to buy some toys and fix up my Texas property. Probably buy a used backhoe to use on my land. Phone Post 3.0

The better question is what WOULDN'T I do?

Buy 1 million tacos Phone Post 3.0

Post a thread on the OG asking what to do....

P.S. You remember that 5k you owe me?

Pay off debts and invest the rest Phone Post 3.0

A guitar in every room, man. Phone Post 3.0

Buy a case of Mezcal and 6 whores.

And Finish the Game

Pay off my non mortgage debt (15k).
Pay off my mortgage debt (170k).

Buy 2 rental houses (300k total).
Blow 10k on myself and wife.
Invest 20k in my son's ESA.
Invest the last 485k in the market. Phone Post 3.0

Try to turn my hobbies into income. Phone Post 3.0

But a couple of acres of land, create a township, and then hire AI as my police chief. Phone Post 3.0