What would you do? (Long parenting question)

Perfect Example.

HEY O.P. Do you see how stupid this guy’s post sounds? This is why taking the high ground is important. You don’t wanna sound like a retard, then have your kid see that both her parents are sub par humans.

Thanks for bringing up the rear by example JiuJitsuHeyZeus!

You pretty much described my approach.

As posted in OP, my intent was law school, my under grad was a social work program though, and am currently getting my MFT (masters in marriage and family therapy), so I know the textbook approach, I just wonder if there’s been experience with being a little more upfront.

Update to this, my daughters mom called her and the daughter put it on speaker phone and told her what she felt and wanted. Then gold came, ex wife said “you…”. Let me re-emphasize, “YOU turned our world upside down” twice, essentially blaming her for her trauma. When my daughter called her on it, she said “I did not say that! I said what happened to you…”

Unfortunately, there were two adults who also heard it and again, it was recorded so verified. But the kid got to see just how irrational her mother is with the nonsense she’s bringing up, like “he didn’t put a seatbelt on you as a kid in the car.” Which, the kid knows to be false because we literally just talked about “When you start driving, what is the first thing you do?” (Answer- buckle seat belt). More concise, I’m a seatbelt Nazi, and always have been.

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edit (already said)

short and sweet.

This is the only answer.

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Be a man and treat your daughter like a human. I don’t get what is wrong with everyone.

My daughter was 8 when me and her mom broke up.

Her mom is a sociopath.

At first, I always stood up for her mom. Explained her mom’s crazy behaviour as just having trouble handling the break up. Even when she snuck in to my yard with our daughter to steal my shit, I never bad mouthed her.

After one inxident when my ex used my daughter to harm me, then tried ti make it seem like my daughyer was acting alone when ezposed, I had a talk with my daughter and explained that some things her mother was doing were not right.

At some point, I felt like i was being a bad father if i did not explain to my dqughter that her mom is fucked especially when my daughter was a victim.

Not advising, just giving my 2 cents.

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Look at this holier than thou faggot lol!

To be fair, you are a known and confirmed queer. So obviously you’re going to catch some heat sometimes.

But yeah, I think tuna pic guy was very rude with that post!

Right?! And I prefer the term faggot. Only we can say queer.

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By “we”, do you mean both of you? You one of them he/her/her/him non-binary folks? I didn’t know. Sorry if I offended y’all. I just don’t think you should have the mother of your children afraid of you killing her. That’s all. I didn’t know that you had a mental condition which prevents you from being descent. All the best!

Don’t talk shit about the mother, but be honest about her. There’s a difference.

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Re seatbelts: When my ex would spread shit about me, she would often attack me on things she knew I was extra careful about, or were the opposite of my character.

Strange, because as in your case, these things are the most easily disputable.

I also learned after a decade that sociopaths will shame others for, or accuse them of, shit.that they themselves are up to.


Yeah you better back the fuck up! Gonna call Facebook about you.

Perhaps I forgot to mention the fact that i
am a straight male. So, yeah… I don’t do Facebook.

I fucking hate step-parents, if she’s dealing with that shit have her move in with you, I did just that in my freshman yr, best thing I ever did.

Yes, there are good step-parents, but they’re a minority. Look up cinderela effect.