What would you do right now?

Fuck sometimes it sucks not to be doing what you want when the urge hits ya.

What would you like to do today (besides two chicks at the same time) that you are not doing.

I only really drink Bloody Marys with seafood but love the combo.

Right now I’d like to be outside at a table on a deck with my woman and friends at a seafood joint by the water. I’d like to be drinking Bloody Marys with all the usual stuff plus a Habanero pepper. Hate vodka yet love Bloody Marys that are heavy on the vodka, horseradish, tobasco and a habanero. And I could go for some steamed crabs, shrimp, oysters, mussels and clams. Sure, I’ll take some hush puppies too.


^that sound really FAT, I’m IN! That’s what I want to be doing right now…joining you doing that!

Fuck the seafood.

Gimme some chicken, beef and goat.

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I’d like to be fishing with my son. Shitty weather in Indiana has cancelled our plans for the evening. So I’m just going to walk down the street and do some work on a house.

Your thread got me thinking about seafood, and I am apparently easy to market to, because I would LOVE to be sitting by the ocean with a plate of iced raw clams and an ice cold domestic draft beer RIGHT NOW.

If I was not having the Bloody Marys I would be right there with ya having the ice cold domestic draft.

Eating seafood on the water with good friends/family is just relaxing. Its easy to market to anyone, sells itself.

Its broiled or steamed seafood, not fried so its perfect for lemur culture too. Plus you can WALK down by the docks or beach after eating.

Well, I should be sitting on my boat drinking my face off but I’m in fucking Iowa for work. Still I’m sitting by the hotel pool drinking bourbon before I shower for a steak dinner. Not what I wanted but it’ll do. Last time I agree to cancel a vacation for a work trip

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well, my MASCULINE constitution would need some of those FAT FRIED HushPuppies to keep me from turning GAY like some Vanity Fitness Fanatic Carb-watcher!

I don’t like the RIPPED look, it doesn’t look very Masculine and I even posted those videos before where some fellows EXPOSED the REALITY of that Nonsense and said how they were miserable, tired, and couldn’t even have SEX energy because of their RIPPED obsession

also I will need some Key Lime Pie for dessert!


I just got back from a vacation in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. We went to a couple of really great seafood spots. A few good oyster bars too.

My last meal there was raw oysters (as well as charbroiled) with a seared grouper, asparagus, and grilled shrimp.

The night before we had a plethora of different sushi’s.

It was quite fantastic.

Pies and other desert food. I love em but hate the way sugar makes me feel so I rarely eat it.

^Lemur Tip:

you just have to accept the sugar hangover and resign yourself to the fact that you will just enjoy some leisure time…watch something SMART on the youtube or enjoy a good read. OG too.

also it’s good to take the SweetTreats with some kind of protein like some Roast NUTS and also it’s good to do some exercise beforehand.

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the office slow clap GIF

Wow. @theraskal has done it again!

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edit: nm.

Build a crack cocaine empire

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mostly i wanna eat a ton of good food right now
hav to wait for wife to get home, and wont be able to eat as much as i want

Ah yes, a pie would be nice

well, during the weekend I had in fact purchased a Key-Lime Pie from TraderJoe’s…so after reading this thread it was afternoon Espresso and Key-Lime Pie for me and the GF :grin:

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So my whole daydream about being on the deck in the sun, drinking spicy Bloody Marys, eating seafood with friends… yeah thats what I wished I was doing when I made the thread.

This is what I ended up doing after making the thread… drank a single cheap beer in my home office and ate some popcorn with my dog laying by my side.

Normally drinking a beer and eating some popcorn is not a depressing event but trust me, when your dreaming of being out on the water… lets just say the beer and popcorn did not hit the spot.