What would you do?

So my boss had me write up ~15 pages of material for a specific network security topic about a year ago.

I found out today that the material ended up in a book that was published by Syngress publishing and that my boss's name is credited but I'm not given credit anywhere in the book.

The funny part is that the book is terrible. It has several co-authors and is full of technical inaccuracies and statements that demonstrate that the other co-authors had little to no understanding of the subject matter.

I'd be embarrassed to have my name associated with a book this bad, but I'd also like to be able to tell people I'm a published co-author or that I've contributed material to a book published by Syngress.

What kind of money could my boss be getting from Syngress? Is there free/cheap software I can use to compare the PDF of the e-book against my original source material to see exactly what was used in the book?

The material was written during regular business hours, on company time, so I'll have to look at my employment contract to see if I have any recourse.

 Wow.  I'd seriously consider getting far away from any boss like that.  I'd think having your work published would be a big plus on your resume.  I wouldn't let him get away with it, if there's something you can do about it.

Check out ExamDiff to compare two text files.  Copy and paste the pdf into notepad first.

Sounds like a question for a lawyer. ;)

Saying you wrote a book or part of a book is cool though. Even if the doing is a grind.

I'd not do anything while still working for him, but document what happened. When you're ready call a lawyer.