What would you do?

There's a new guy who comes into your school. He's a little guy- probably 155- not real athletic. He says he wrestled (although I see no proof of this other then his t-shirts and embriodered gym bag). He comes to class twice a week but when he's there he slacks on warm-ups and rests during drills and complains throughout. Then when the instructor is showing a technique he's got his arms crossed, yawns and looks at the clock a lot(like we're boring him). He's finished trying the move early- so while everyone else is practicing he and his partner just sit and watch others. Finally when it's time to roll, he's right in there and usually getting his ass whooped. Then when it's all said and done he'll pull aside what ever the highest belt he rolled with that day and grill him with questions and ask to be shown everything they did wrong.

What would you do with a guy like this (besides try to choke him as many times in the allotted rolling session)?

choke him as many times in the allotted rolling session and dont answer his questions until you notice his attitude has changed.

People like this will never get better in my opinion. I bet this guy will quit eventually.

Tell him that if he thinks he will learn better by one on one q&a, he should buy a package of privates from the instructor.

Or, just choke him out real good. Then, when he ask what he did wrong, tell him he whined about warm-ups and loafed during technique drills.

The instructor get to talk to him about his problems and try to seek why he is lacking at warm up's and why he does not have interesting in learn the techniques.I have two guys in my academy just like that,and they have been training over a year and still the same.(everytime I ask why they are doing this they always answer the same way).
We just can do so much for someone!

I would do nothing, he will either get it or not, if he doesnt get it, he will probably quit.
One thing to consider tho, he is a paying customer isnt he? If your instructor makes his living this way, maybe its not a good idea to try to run of a paying customer.
Face it, people are different, they learn in different ways, as long as he doesnt disrupt class, cause trouble, or is a bully, let him do his thing and continue to help keep the school in business.

When guys start slacking off at my school. I circle everyone up and I mention who it was that was not training, and we start with 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats, 10 jump squats, 10 push ups, 10 crunches and then we do 20 of each, then 30, back down to 20, 10 etc. We only have to do this once or twice before 1. the slackers quit my school 2. Peer pressure, my students get on their butts and they train.