What WWE should do to improve!

First off the whole "Brand Extension" is a bust and keeping it like this is a mistake. WWE should either reunite or take steps to make the split seem like it is two complete rival groups. With WWE loseing its famous WWF name it would not hurt that much to give the two shows names under different banners like WWA or WWO both owned by world wrestling entertainment. With a large amount of fans not knowing the backstage info they could present the feud as real as the WWF/WCW feud. The most important aspect would be to have seprate groups running each show who's job would be on the line if they get swamped by the other,sort of like what the gm storylines are supposed to be about.

The main thing they need to do is set up more OVW type facilities around the country. The only way there is going to be a future for pro wrestling, is if there are places for young workers to make a decent "full time" living while learning their craft.

Guys like Ric Flair & Hulk Hogan didn't become stars over night. They learned to market their personas through trial & error, by being around other full time workers, and growing in front of live crowds.

In any profession, people learn by doing. This is one of the reasons why the talent based is so depleted today. A motivated person who wants to break into the business, has very few opportunities to make a decent living in the business.

If Vince set up more OVW type places where the kids could work, and be trained under some of the legends of the business, it would be a big step forward in saving pro wrestling's future. Even if it came at a loss initially, as long as it kept reasonable, such a program would come to pay for itself many times over.

It does not matter what the WWE should do to improve,because the fact remains the same,people are bored with one wrestling promotion.

1. Reunite both "brands".

2. Make Heyman the lead guy in charge of storylines.

3. Bring back ECW.

Im cool with Heyman running the writersv staff but ECW is dead.

Fire everyone and get a new owner

There needs to be another type of angle. Something like 1 person who's an outsider or a group of people who show up on all shows like the nWo used to do. Goldberg was perfect for this, but that got blown. I know it's a rehash of an old scenario, but it's kinda what they need right now, IMHO......

LOL yeah its all Heymans fault.

I think they're trying to push Billy this time as a heel, but like The Rock was when he was Rocky Miavia. Smiling, saying all the right shit, but so fucking smarmy and over the top with it the people fucking hate him. I expect to hear "Die, Billy, Die!" chants rather soon. Besides, would you prefer to see the return of "Billy and Chuck"?

They should spoof Officer and a Gentleman and have Billy carry Chuck out into the sunset.

They need to make each wrestler accountable for their performance. When they blow it should effect the performers. Their contracts should be incentive based or something along those lines. IMO

A strong viable competitor again

Let Heyman run the show. Bring back ECW. Only call it WWE.

Have an "off season"....use the time to recap old angles in reruns, let writer's develop new material and let everyone nurse nagging injuries

I like that idea, paw

xshanex is correct!

xshanex is right. I don't watch a boatoad of wrestling, but everytime I turn it on, either HHH is got the belt over his shoulder, or he's fighting to keep the belt.