What ya guys think?

Had a a school open up near me, I know 2 of the guys who run it, now one of them is a "seasoned" fighter.

Now what is a "seasoned" fighter? His record states that hes fought twice. I have googled his name and found nothing, never seen or heard of him fight, and when hes is scheduled to fight and has been twice, pulls out due to injury.

I started training a long time ago and was very nieve, I remember the guy who we trained under talking alot of crap and us younger guys who didnt know anyhting were like man, this guys invincible, lol. Learn alot as you progress.

Just hate to see the newbies fall for the stuff but what can you do? My buddy started training with him and says he'll be in the ring in a few months, I told him hes gotta really put in some time on the mat before stepping into the ring. You can get hurt big time. But these guys have talked him up and into the belief that he can be in the UFC or Pride in a couple of years. He just started training a month ago too. I told him to find a new gym cause thes guys are gonna get him hurt. They talk a good game but cant back it up.

Just wondering if anyone else has talkers that run gyms and dont fight.

Thanks and catch ya later,

That sounds a bit unrealistic imo. Has your friend checked out other gyms in the area?

No, Im in the Chicagoland area. Dont know who Jamie is either.