What You all dont Know about Gilbert Yvel

either straight dont know or forgot or whatever. But you all are not giving him credit for his grappling

He is not afraid of leg locks, and has proven capable of ending fights with it.

Also, Josh Barnett looked very out shape when he just weighed in right now. Also, Josh thinks he is a striker now, since he beat a over the hill Rizzo with a punch.

Watch him try that stuff with Yvel. Lights out from a head kick is how i see it going. And Gilbert can defend subs.

Josh isnt as good as most make him out to be, and Gilbert is way better than most make him out to be.

 Ignar really hates Josh Barnett.  Almost as much as YourFather

 lol @ Barnett looking out of shape... that's the best shape I'VE ever seen him in.



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Okay, look... I had this conversation with someone at work yesterday and he was going on and on about how they don't like to be called that, etc. and how he corrects people (he's Irish) when he hears 'em. But my only gripe with it is that you can't call 'em "Asians" either because that encompasses way too many countries (Indians are Asians also!). So unless you say Chinese, Japanese, etc. you can't really call 'em anything else BUT that if you can't use "Orientals".


dragonSLAYERslayer is the best poster on mma.tv.

Barnett has been asking for this beating for a long time.

VectorWegaLives -  I forgot nothing.  I put my money on Yvel.

You are one of the good ones VectorWegaLives

I've always thought this

yvel is one of my favourite fighter ever. the biggest underachiever in the sport. will be a good test for barnett. the advantage in the ground game must still go to josh but im hoping for a war. if yvel knocks josh out then it will be one of the happiest moments for me in about 15 yrs of watching the sport.

 Josh will sub him quickly, it will look like his fight with Hunt or his 2nd rd. against Aleks.

Yvel doesn't need to fear the leg locks. I have already seen this fight before it happens. Yvel gets overwhelmed and taken down, Barnett punch passes to side control and gets a DWL.

Game. Set. Match. Thanks for coming out.

Yvel gets "overwhelmed"


what weak alalysis, you should work for sherdog, bro



the first sentence of Bungle's post is one of the best I've ever read. Like poetry

it was all downhill from there though

I agree that Yvel's ground game is not nearly as bad as people think and if Barnett stands with him he has a good chance of getting KTFO. However, Barnett is smart and still way better on the ground than Yvel, no offense to Gilbert-- it's just Josh MF'n Barnett. Also, Barnett always looks like that. Fat doesn't always equal out of shape. Josh knows with the win he gets a shot at Arlovski/Fedor and he will do what he needs to do. Takedown, sub, title shot.

uhhhh, did you forget that he got RNCed by Igor Vov? or that of his last 7 wins, only 2 of his opponents had winning records?

Barnett is going to smash him.

Yvel had potential 5 years ago. Since then hes been schooled on his feet and on the ground. I woundt be surprised if Barnett knocks him out

VectorWegaLives -  ^ true.  Still out of shape though.

out of shape? wtf are you talking about. Barnett had probably the best cardio out of any HW in PRIDE.

I really hope doesn't keep this standign too long to prove a point. I don't care what the thread starter says, Gilbert is prone to the leg locks, as already mentioned, Minowa finished him rather easily with one.

I'm not saying its impossible, but Gilbert betaing josh would be a bigger shocker than Fedor losing to AA.