What you training for?

An amazing video, fight related because he's throwing punches at a heavy bag. street climbing Do not embed this, let people DL it.

Not fake at all, it's called Le Parkour... Do a websearch for it.




Completely worth it, believe me.

LOL, that isn't shit.

Go to www.multilevelmoves.com, and go to the videos section.

Watch Joe Eigo's moves. Absolutely sick, and makes that dude look amateur.

IronLung11: I've watched Joe, he's nothing compared to this...

I want to see him fucking around on a huge 60 foot wall like that.

Doing flips between buildings..

Leaping 40+ feet from one building to another, get up and keep running.


No, Joe is much more impressive IMO.

To each his own, this guy looks over-the-top.

Yep, to each their own... I'm much more impressed with this guy's building and street stunts...

crazy, those guys are intense. probably get some good $ doing stuntmen work for movies.


Oh yeah, 56k warning.

If any of you go to the multilevelmoves site , be sure to check out kung fu Jesus , its facking hillarios.

Brad Cardinal


ttt for later

Good post...somethings are hard to believe unless
you've seen it firsthand.

why do you guys say its fake? Ive seen complete amateurs jump rooftop distances like that before when their adrenaline is pumping, sure a dedicated person could do it.

that video is just awesome



If those are the guys I think they are, and I'm pretty sure they are, they have their own movie too:

They were also on "Ripley's Believe it or not" at one point in time...