What your favourite wrestling insult?

I know there are way better ones, but the first one that comes to my mind and makes me giggle everytime is from Chris Jericho. When he was in WCW and carried a giant portrait of dean malenko around. When he would refer to him as "stinky malenko" I'd crack up. I dunno why, maybe the simplicity, stupidity, and childishness of it. I thought it was hilarious. Still do at almost 30 years old. What were some of your favourite insults Phone Post

There is an episode of Brad Maddox's reality show, from his time in FCW, where he and Husky Harris just goof on everyone in FCW with some of the lamest jokes imaginable, but the two of them laugh their balls off for each one. Always cracks me up.

Harris: knock knock
Maddox: who's there?
Harris: nobody cares about Bo Rotundo
Both: Bahahahaha (high five) Phone Post

Just about any remark Bobby Heenan directed at Tito Santana Phone Post

When th rock was cracking on booker t about being dumb and riding the short bus. Teacher asks" class do u know what 2 plus 2 is? Booker responds, of course I know what 2 plus 2 is. Thomas Jefferson sucka". Phone Post

Pencil-neck geek. Phone Post

I've always felt slapnuts was an underrated insult.  Works great in many real life situations.

fryabusa -

I've always felt slapnuts was an underrated insult.  Works great in many real life situations.

Agreed, I call people slapnuts all the time Phone Post

The rock insulting hulk hogan. Phone Post

i think we all know what arts answer is lol

Terry Taylor back in the old NWA " You couldn't beat half of me if the other half was helping"

It doesn't matter what your name is! Phone Post


Jericho calling people assclowns Phone Post

Ric Flair's Fat Boy

In WCW, Abdullah the Butcher is in a Monster's chamber match, sitting in a chair getting "electrocuted".

Zybysko says, "I smell bacon!"

Great thread idea vu. TTT.

I thought it was "stinko malenko". I
could be wrong.

Nothing beats Chris Jericho in 2003 telling EVERYONE at some point..

"Listen here... JACKASSSSSS." Phone Post

Jericho calling people "Junior" or "Jerky boy" Phone Post

Take a shower, hit the weights, get a clue.

Or skinny-fat. Phone Post