What'chall think a this SUGAR MOMMA!?!

I don’t know much about the truck driving lifestyle but for the Same money from that vs a normal 35 hour work week writing code in a nice office that’s a 20 minute commute, I don’t think I’d switch.

Some people do like traveling / seeing the world so maybe it appeals to that? No idea if it would even satisfy such an itch.


Some people would have the nerve to call this a racist post. Nope. This is a good post.

besides, Absence makes the heart grow fonder, am i right?

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Not all truckers are long haul. Some are home every night. Others gone during the week. And then others for weeks. What you’re hauling also impacts pay.

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I bet she hauls chicken and watermelon.

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Thread title is hilarious :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I like her prosperous proportions and her outlaw spirit (tech driving)!

Would be her sugar pup.

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Some could say this… But then I would sock SOME right in the eye for accusing rasky of such CUR behavior!

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You can take a job where you see them more but doesn’t pay as much, that’s a better way to provide

For sure

If you were an 18 year old or so, no plans for college or anything, and no issues with lots of driving it would be a good option. Get your CDL, and long haul for a few years. Save and save. With no rent and minimal overhead you could have well into six figures saved up by your mid-20s. Then you’d have a lot of options in life

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Yep and if you invest that you’re going to have some serious cash in your hands.

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I’ve been remembering in the daily prayers that you can secure for yourself just such a woman to take care of you my good fellow, cheers!

yeah, the NERVE of some ILLbred deplorable thinking a SELF-EDUCATED CIVILIZED Gentleman like myself to be a RACIST…how DARE They/Them!

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Perfect girl for OP.

She is

husky fat
Makes good money
She is gone most of the time
Her African genes will dilute you inferior ginger genes

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my genes are the IDEAL MASCULINE expression perfectly designed for Hunter/Gather activities like WALKING to the CAFE to charm some strumpets or GOSSIP with the fellows!

and yeah, I am a gingerly fellow too, but can still grow the Salt&Pepper into a ManBun if I wish to change things up for a NativeAmerican/JohnSnow style impression if that’s the fashion I wish to express for personal preference and/or to impress the strumpets :laughing:

I’m like PEAK Autumn right now, GREAT YEARS!

cool part about dating a woman that drives a big rig is her ass is always gone!!!


I want to be a truck stop gigolo

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“Get your ass in here and fuck me white boy”

Money first

I guarantee she’s one of those fuckwads that don’t like the taste of water

Self educated?!

Well darn! Every time I think I couldn’t possibly respect you any more, you go and raise the bar even higher!

Rasky you are an inspiration to us all!

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Speaking of weak genes.

I heard you’re one of those sissies who wears tight genes with designs on the back pocket. So how about you SHUT UP JERK!

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well I try not to be too Snobbish and Elitist about it :laughing: