whatdya think of this 'myth' site?


I actually believe just about everything there. I have been following their philosphy on eating and nutrition for a while and have never felt better.

Great stuff if you ask me.

Great site. Now I want to get "My Life with the Eskimo", by V. Stefannson.

ttt for more opinions.

Their rhetoric falls in line with so much bunk I have a lot of trouble taking it seriously. They have limited evidence for their claims, and what evidence they have seems to be interpreted quite selectively. A lot of things they cite as 'proof' aren't, they're just logical fallacies used by snake oil salesmen since the dawn of time. Notable being their claim of medical science and modern pharmaceuticals as being in it only for the money, and ignoring 'research' that contradicts their point. This is simply an ad hoc attack and doesn't do anything to prove or disprove their position.

A lot of what they say may have some merit, true. BUT, it should be looked at skeptically, and compared to established science (which is not the money driven monster they make it out to be).

Oh, I remember one- they recommend against using a microwave. This was a popular pseudoscientific opinion for a while, amidst claims that it irradiated your food and exposed it to crazy radiation, which just isn't true. Microwaves are 100% safe to use when cooking food, and the physics behind this are basic and easy to understand.

I agree with jonwell. I can't point to their claims as wrong, neccessarily-- but that is exactly the problem: it is many claims with no scientific literature presented to critique. People could have written a lot of that stuff off the top of their head without doing any research, or without reviewing the research of others.