Whatever happened to Jon Levenson?

This guy was, I guess a troll, more of a douchebag from the olden days. Called himself the Predator. He was an average high school wrestler who had a couple wins vs untrained homeless people in some local Arizona event.

Last I heard he ran unchallenged for some local government position and then refused to do anything or learn and they took his position away and almost arrested him. Then he painted a swastika on his door in some kind of fake hate crime and set his house on fire for insurance fraud.

Think he might have actually went to prison. That was 10 years ago. Whats this doofus been up to since then? I can only imagine the schemes and trouble lol.

Does he still look like he has leprosy?

There was a good ten seconds where I thought you were talking about Jon Lovitz.

fake hate crime? insurance fraud? is that true?

google it bro!

He gave me a ride in a rickshaw

Lol heh

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