Whatever happened to that UFO they found in ocean?

Anyone remember that story from a few years ago where some dive team from like Norway or Sweden or something found a UFO on the ocean floor?

They showed pictures of where it "Skidded to a halt" and what not. Anyone remember this, or did I hallucinate this?

Last I remember they made an announcement that they were about to reveal details that were supposed to blow peoples minds but then the story just fizzled out.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?


It's rocks, bro.

turns out to be aliens, that turned into rocks

iulawmatt - http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/08/31/deep-sea-baltic-ufo-hunt-turns-up-glacial-deposit/

It's rocks, bro.

Figured it was something mundane but didn't hear anything more about it since the story broke.


Team Ocean Explorer said this image shows 300m "drag marks" around an unidentified -- possibly flying -- object.

Illustration (not a photograph) that Peter Lindberg described as "the closest [depiction] so far" of the Baltic Sea object. The rendering makes the object look manmade, but it almost definitely isn't. (Hauke Vagt / YouTube)

The government dug it out of the ocean and replaced it with a glacier.  It's being studied at Area 51 now.

--Professor Redneck

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