What're the best grappling fights in MMA?

I remember Nick and Diego being an absolute was on the mat.

Nick and Karo also!

Nog vs Horn

When Hendo and Shogun were on the ground it was exciting as hell!

What're some of your favorite ground battles? Phone Post

War** Phone Post

Newton vs Saku Phone Post

Also, for the ten seconds BJ and Nick were on the mat, there was some technical brilliance displayed Phone Post

Luke Cummo and Joe Stevenson was pretty good.

I came in to say Nick Diaz vs. Karo, but found it in the OP.

Rampage vs Hendo is underrated, I think.

hettes/nam phan

AokiPants - 

Newton vs Saku Phone Post


AokiPants - 

Newton vs Saku Phone Post

hands down. This is one fight I can watch over and over and admire the sheer beauty of world class grappling technique

Nog vs herring

John Maguire is in some fun, grappling oriented fights. Phone Post

Maia vs jason McDonald Phone Post

Any old Pride fight with Dajiro Matsui? I think that's his name. Phone Post

I personally thought, Chael vs okami was a good grappling match.

Christea vs Nakumura. Phone Post

Sakuraba vs Royce 1
Marco Ruas vs Remco Pardel
Munoz vs Maia Phone Post

Hettes/phan was one sided but it was pretty impressive to watch for grappling brilliance Phone Post

Condit vs Miura was pretty fun...lots of throws on Miura's part, and scrambling/subs/GNP from both guys

Newton v. Sak is the one I came here to post. Happy to see others agree.

Benson vs Cerrone 1 is my favorite. Phone Post