What's a good allowance for a kid?

Starting my boy on a allowance. I’ll probably die young so I gotta teach him stuff early.

In your opinion what’s a good set weekly amount for him to keep his room clean, take out the trash, and feed the dog on his weekends at pops house?

I also want to teach him about saving money. So I’m thinking of offering him $20 per week. But if he saves more than half, I’ll kick in a extra 5’er. Just to add a little motivation to save.

You guys have/had any cool systems for your kids?

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Sounds like a good plan :+1:, let him earn it, and teach him to save.

My kids aren’t quite old enough for a monetary allowance.

Currently it’s like doing some minor chores for special treats/extra screen time

I remember my $2 or $3 allowance per week seemed like a lot to a kid with no bills.

Mine used to be $5 a week.

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I never even got a allowance. I’m also the cheapest cheapskate sumbitch in all of God’s creation lol.

But one area where I dont cheap out is the boy. I’m gonna spend it on him anyways so I might as well make a lesson out of it.

I did a chore list, including homework. Five days a week, all or nothing for ten bucks. Plus a change jar that could be used once a year to put into savings.

That sounds pretty solid. I like the added bonus change jar idea.

I dont ask a ton of him outside of cleaning his own living area. I’m weird about my house. I like it cleaned the way I like to clean it.

I used to get 2.00 per week.

Nope, nope, nope. Only pay for work outside of their “contributions” to the family, aka chores. So if they clean up their mess, zero. But if they clean up your mess, $$$.

Raising kids with love and logic really has good info on this. Children need to learn that there are consequences, both good and bad, for their actions.


I believe my brother in law got a debit card for my niece. It is a special account he gets to monitor and it teaches her about budgeting and saving.

My son isnt old enough yet, but I would consider itemizing the different chores for different small amounts of money, then only pay for what he gets done.

I used to not eat lunch at school and keep my $1 dollar per day lunch money. Pure profit!

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Certain things like cleaning their room/making the bed probably shouldn’t be a paid chore, unless you do it where they get money at the end of the week if they do it ALL week without being hounded.

I used to get extra money for washing the car, stacking wood, mowing the lawn, etc.

My kids currently are supposed to pick up their rooms every day and put away any of their stuff that they brought out into the rest of the house, make their beds, clean their playroom, unload the dishwasher, and feed our dogs.

I tried this, but then only a couple of things would ever get done. All or nothing was more effective for me at least. Plus helped to teach the importance of finishing something that has been started.

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$100 per week should be good.

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I do like this line of thinking. But I dont think it fits into our family very well.

I dont make messes so he woukd never have anything to do. I also intentionally own next to nothing in order to ensure my house stays neat and not cluttered.

Yeah I can see the value in that. Good to know.

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We dont all make that huge salary that a traffic safety bear makes!