What's a good cologne?

Looking for a nice cologne for myself, something that isn't cheap, any suggestions are appreciated.

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A signature scent? What is your budget and what types of scents do you like? Give me some info.

Versace Euro Phone Post

I use adidas moves. 10 bucks and chicks dig it

Creed himalaya. Bond no 9 New Harlem.

Im hooked on the one by dolce gabana.
Smells good man Phone Post 3.0

Any by John Varvatos.

Perry Ellis has a few good ones, so does LaCoste and Nautica. Youd have to check them out to find the one you like best.

I STILL get compliments on the original Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Bahamas St. Barts smells amazing. VERY "islandy"

Heavy scent- Thierry Mugler Angel for me, but its vey unique, heavy, and acquired smell.

For a quick, easy, inexpensive solution- just get Nautica Voyage or Sunset Voyage. Trust me

Cool water
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Everybody knows the answer is Drakkar Phone Post

It would depend on what type of fragrance you want. I have been wearing Dolce&Gabana Light Blue for awhile now. It's a very fresh and clean smell. I think it was somewhere around $60 for a decent size bottle. I had some Tommy Bahama from Macy's that was very different from the D&G smell. It was a more heavy fragrance with a spicy/musky type smell. These are very different from each other but I really like them. I tend to go to the old Farenheit at times too. I've worn it off and on since about 1990-91. Stop by Macy's or somewhere that still displays tester bottles and check some out.

Captains choice Lime Phone Post

Don't use a Cologne that guys think smell good, they're not the ones whose attention your trying to get. I've been using givenchy pi for over ten years and I've never encountered a woman that didn't like the way it smelled. Phone Post

Adidas moves. Nuff said Phone Post

I bought a 70$ bottle of euphoria on amazon for 30. I recommend buying all cologne there Phone Post

Brut or Stetson. Phone Post

GoodFightGoodNight - Im hooked on the one by dolce gabana.
Smells good man Phone Post 3.0


I consider myself a fragrance-enthusiast/snob and have smelled a lot of stuff, but I bit the bullet a few days ago and went to my local walgreen's and bought a bottle of Classic Old Spice and matching deodorant stick!!! Man, that stuff is quality. I think I'll be wearing Old Spice exclusively for a while!

Now if you want something with more brand cache try Polo Double Black. Women love this stuff.

Chanel bleu Phone Post

To add to it. My girl tries to fuck me every time she smells it Phone Post