Whats a good high pull?

You got 1.5bw for bench, 2.5 for deadlift ect..

Whats a good number for a high pull??

so like 2 times 2.5 times body weight?

Xen, stop making me feel weak dude. Damn.


That seems like a lot of f0cking weight for a high pull! How high do you guys do count it?

I never do high pulls. Only properly OLift pulls, Snatch pull 135Kg @ 83Kg. 120 for triples.

Btw I Snatched 113 @ 83kg this year after 9month lay off! 13kg on my Pb last year with 5months training.


I'm hunting down 125/140 for the end of 2007 Squatdog. I already Cleaned 135 a few weeks ago. Should be able to Clean 150 by 2007 but may even Jerk it depending on how I sort my Jerk out.

Pulls are without straps of course!


This year I got 113/126 @ 83.08Kg as a 22yr old.

C&J 129, refs didn't give it, I was robbed! I Cleaned 135 but missed the Jerk.

I want to stay at 85 so I can 2x bw C&J later :)


Any reasons why?

I just need to tune in my Jerk more and I'd have 135 that day. Next year will be very interesting and I am looking forwards to it.

Yeah your C&J is a lot better then your Snatch by at least 10Kg out of normal %'s.



Most I have PC is 110Kg but I never PC much in my training. Only when I am lazy to get weights up on to the squat rack :P


Hey Xen whats our aim now a days? Mines:


Which one of the girls?

Resps for squats is brutal but a good foundation for a beginner using lighter loads.

For me it is all about 10kg per year on each of my lifts. But this year it is 12 and 14Kg. My Clean will be at least 15-20Kg this year though. But the focus is on the Jerk as that is lacklustre...but I'm changing that.