What's a good home security system?

I’m looking to get a basic home security system that I can set up myself. Camera door bell, other exterior cameras, and cameras for some inside rooms. I want to be able to monitor through internet if I go on vacation and want to check in.

I know Costco sells some systems but I don’t remember their names. I’m sure other places have them too. Anyone have experience with any?

I set up a ton of cameras on farms and acreages. I go with this random brand call Jooan. They make a suprisingly good camera that you can get some range out of, and can support 8 cameras. They have a metal casing on them rather than the cheap plastic casings ive seen on a lot of other brands like Lorex, Swann, etc. You normally need to buy the hard drive separately. I would suggest a 2tb hard drive, specifically designed for surveillance systems. Most hd manufacturers have a model designed for this.

The costco ones are alright for your basic stuff. Some things to consider though. There are 3 basic of cameras you can buy. 

- Hardwired. These cameras are by far the most reliable, but also the most complicated to install. Each camera will need a wire running from it back to a central box in the house, normally called an NVR (Network Video Recorder)

-Wireless. This is misleasing, because only the communication is wireless for these. It wirelessly communicates the video back to the NVR inside the home. You still need to run a wire to a plug in somewhere. These cameras give you more flexibility on install location and are easier to install than hardwired. They are slightly less reliable than hardwired, because you can have interference or signal loss across long distance or trying to pass through metal. These are the ones I normally install because they are the best of both worlds I find. Get youself a box of small gauge wire to splice into the power cords for this option. It will give you more freedom of camera placement, as they tend to only send about 10 ft of wire for each camera. 

- Battery operated. These are by far the easiest to 'install'. No wires to deal with. You screw the base where ever you want and you are pretty much done. These are my least favorite though. These cameras have to be recharged periodically which I find a pain. They also do not tend ro record 24/7. Instead they tend to record 'clips' which could be 20 second clips, or 60 second clips, etc. Also most of these cameras require a monthly fee to record excessive amounts of clips to the cloud. You get a small amount of storage space for free, then gotta pay if you go over. They also dont like the extreme cold. I live in northern Alberta so these ones kinda suck here. Warmer climates wouldnt have as many problems with battery life and malfunctions at sub -20C. 

If your house has vinyl siding, you can do a very clean job of running wires for hardwired and wireless cameras. If you start getting into stucco, brick, etc you have to do a little more planning to make a clean looking job. 

These are all relatively cheap options you can set up for under 500 bucks easy and install using minimal tools. You can obviously spend massive amounts of money on special set ups and such, but for the average joe the basics will do.

As far as doorbell cameras go, I dont do a lot with them. Ive only ever installed the Skybell ones. They seem to do a good job. As far as I can tell though, they all seem alright. Just make sure you have an existing doorbell, and that its in a decent spot because the video doorbell goes in that exact spot. Ive seen some stupid locations of doorbells that would suck for a video doorbell. 

With all this said, cameras are cool to have, but arent all that effective at the end of the day. It gives you peace of mind, but at the end of it all if you do have a theft you basically get to watch people steal your stuff. Sometimes you get lucky and get a good shot of a persons face, or some obvious identifying marks that the police can use, but you have to be realistic with your expectations of what cameras will do for you. They give you a fighting chance. 

Any questions Im more than happy to help ou. 



I had a job years ago at a mill where I heard a guy tell his friends this story in the lunchroom.

He’d bought a home security device and wanted to test it out to see if it worked so he put it in his fridge and then locked himself out of his house. He then broke a window of his own house with his bare hand (now all bandaged up). Anyway, the device didn’t go off so he took it out of the fridge and smashed it.  His friends all thought that was the right call and said “f*ing right bro!”

I was then called to the bosses’ office where I quit and was simultaneously fired.  

Hope this helps. 

I use these things: Reolink Argus Pro solar camera


They are a cheap and easy way to get started. Totally wireless, solar powered, rechargeable battery (that you don’t have to charge due to solar), 2 way voice, works with an app on a phone or computer.

I got them at about $65 per unit and use them to monitor my driveway at home and a cabin in Tennessee. I get a notification on my phone if anything crosses the detection beam. It records a short video clip to an SD card that stores maybe 4-6 months of videos. Constant live monitoring.

Winter in TN is not severe, and the units stay at 100% charge all the time. Their trigger is pretty slow for decent game watching, since they are tuned to catch humans. That’s my big gripe.

You can also record an alarm “message” if you like. So you could have your voice saying “drop the package mother fucker” if you wanted to.

I’ve had my fun with the family until they made me stop using this function.