Whats a good Judo book?

hey guys,
Could any of you recommend some good Judo books for me. It could be instructional or even philsohical.

kodokan judo by Jigoro Kano.

Best judo by Nobuyuki Sato and Isao Inokuma.

Those books are very very good. They give a good overview of techniques, etiquette, falling properly, etc...

Once you develop an interest in a certain throw/technique that works for you, you may want to consider investing in an Masterclass Ippon book.

My personal favorite book is Fighting Spirit of Judo by Yasuhiro yamashita. He talks about his favorite techs, his competitions days, and other tips on mental training, learning, physical training and his experience as a competitor.

You can get them at http://hatashita.com

Kodokan Judo by Kano: good for reference, structured list of techniques, vocabulary etc.

Best Judo by Sato and Inokuma: a little more eclectic in structure, with their personal preference for techniques, very good combinations and transitions.

Both widely available (new and used).


Thanks guys!!!

i was wonderin same question before, thank goodness i didn't have to make another thread

neil adams: grips

Textbook of judo / Nagayasu Ogasawara

Just got a copy of Attacking Judo.

It's got some nice combos and counters in there, both standing and on the ground.

"the sport science of ..." something or other :)

"canon of judo" by mifune, that is one i would like to have

the entire masterclass series is awesome.


Agreed Josh... but don't leave out Vital Judo by Isao Okano and that one book for stats that Jose used to have in the bathroom... top 50 judoka of all time or somethin' like that...


Vital judo okano is rare isn't it?

How the heck does one get a copy of that...man.

I think ebay and amazon.com has it for $65

One of the best judo books I have seen is Kashiwazaki's Fighting Judo. It is one of the only Judo books i would really like to own. Too bad it is out of print. Great photography and great modern ne-waza and tachi-waza techniques. I gave my only copy to a former coach who was actually a student of Kashiwazaki. Dammit. Anyone have a copy they want to sell?

JohnSerbin - you're thinking of Attacking Judo.

It's not out of print.

I just received my copy a couple of days ago. I ordered it through Amazon.UK.

Attacking Judo is a masterclass series book that Kashiwazaki and Nakanishi co-authored.

Fighting Judo was released sometime in the eighties and is in black and white. Kashiwazaki and Terrence Donavan were the authors of the book. But is now definitely out of print. Every once in a while you can find it on ebay but it usually sells for $100.00 plus. Not only were the waza's presented in the book practical to competitors the black and white pictues were almost art like.

ebay currently has a copy of the canon of judo up:


when my dojo is rich with talent

and my mind wanders with curiosities

of those who were great

and some who still are

ill buy those books

and take them on a journey

back to the hands of their creators

so they might, once again,

have their hand improve upon them.